Review of My Arabian Billionaire by Marian Tee

I don't even know why I'm still surprised that I finished reading this book with frog-like eyes and a stuffy nose. I should know better by now that Marian WILL make me bawl my eyes out, no matter how sweet and funny she starts off.

Anyway, I have a lot to say about My Arabian Billionaire, so let's get started, shall we?

Title: My Arabian Billionaire (In Bed with a Billionaire): A Desert Sheikh Romance
Author: Marian Tee
Genre: Romance, Erotic Romance
Publication Date: June 14th 2017
Source: ARC Given by Author

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Years and years from now, it would go down as one of the saddest days in the kingdom’s history when the crying, trembling figure of their queen was seen at the gates of the palace, performing the public ritual of ending her marriage to the king. 

News traveled fast, and the area was soon swarming with people - reporters who were out to sensationalize this unprecedented sight, gawking guests who were titillated by the hint of scandal in the air, and men like Mahmud, who didn’t hesitate to sow seeds of discord to further their cause. 

Terrible accusations began to take shape, broadcasted in viral headlines--- 

Queen Harper publicly disavowing marriage to travel alone and leave Ramil? 

Princess Safiya, daughter of Sheikh Mahmud, to be Ramil’s next queen? 

Ramilians to be fined if found offering aid to Queen Harper? 
Later, there would also be stories of loyalty – of how secret enemies of the sheikh had incited a rabble, and of the queen’s most trusted guards coming to her defense. Witnesses had sworn they heard the queen tearfully begging her loyal guards not to endanger themselves for her, but still they had shed blood for her, their loyalty to her unwavering. 

You will always be our queen. 

And when the tide seemed to swell in the favor of the sheikh’s enemies, there came the thundering, ground-crushing sound of the army’s footsteps, led by the king and his vassals. They fought their way to the queen’s side, infallible in their power, strength, and valor – 

It was a breathtaking sight, witnesses from that night were known to avow. But what they would never ever forget was the sight of their king finding his queen--- 

Only to let her go--- 

You are free, my love. 


Harper Griffiths is a strong-willed woman who has a stubborn streak to her. She's got a short temper, sharp tongue, and distant demeanor. But all of these she simply use to cover up and protect a soft heart and innocent soul that people try to hurt time and time again. She's intelligent, loyal, and most of all, honourable.

Khalil Al-Atassi is a man who would give his life for his kingdom. He cares for his people above all else, and he's willing to do whatever it takes to protect his nation - even if that means tearing his heart out in the process.


Let me start off by being completely honest: I had no idea what the story of My Arabian Billionaire would be about or who the characters involved are.

I tried racking my brain, trying to remember which of Marian Tee's characters is an Arabian Billionaire, but I just couldn't remember. I'm ashamed. Sorry, Marian. But then, Sapphire - Safi - March was mentioned, and then BAM! Khalil Al-Atassi is Jeremy Raybourne! I've said this before, but How Not to Be Seduced by Rockstars is one of my favourite of Marian's work. So of course, when I've finally made a connection, the sun shone and birds chirped.

From the first couple of pages, I already knew that I was going to enjoy whatever journey the story is going to take me. We're immediately introduced to a handful of characters that are different from each other, yet they share a strong, unbreakable bond that makes one want to see more of their dynamic.

And then we jump right into the chemistry between Khalil and Harper. Like most of Marian's male protagonists, the king of Ramil also enjoys teasing - and upsetting - his leading lady. But one of the thing I like about Khalil, is despite his past, or even his current political status, he's not a cold, distant man who's sworn off love. He's just a regular guy ... sort of. And that makes this story refreshing, in a way, because I didn't have to curse the guy for being stupid. In fact, he's such an honourable man that even Harper can't hate him for breaking her heart.

Let me just quickly point out that the steamy scenes here were hot AF. Like, for real. Marian made is as sexy and rough as she could in a page or two. It was erotic in a tasteful manner, if that makes sense.

The story flowed smoothly; though of course there were moments I felt some parts could've been ellaborated, but it didn't take away from the book as a whole so it's okay.

However, I need to point out that ending made me wonder - for the Nth time - what the hell happened with KC Chariot and Yuki Himura? What was so traumatizing that the thought of seeing him, even just hearing his name, evokes such a severe negative reaction from her? Marian, please end our agony and tell us the story.


I'm still not quite used to reading completed stories by Marian. Wait, that sounds wrong. What I meant to say was, she always delivered her stories in at least 3 parts which, in my opinion, works because we get more up and down moments. Meaning, more playful and romantic moments, and more heartbreaks and begging. But with My Arabian Billionaire, we got everything Marian has to offer in 140 pages or so.

We got the fun, we got the steamy, we got the pain, and finish off with the Happily Ever After. It's a complete package that will leave you feeling satisfied while making you want more.


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