MTM Day 4: REVIEW of When Fangirls Lie

We just wrapped up (or did we?) Constantijin and Yanna's love story yesterday. Today we'll be jumping to another Pussketeer and his love interest, Staffan Aehrenthal and Saffi March. 
How Not to be Seduced by Rockstars is made up of 2 1/2 parts (yep! you read that right). There are 2 main installments, and the other one is more of a special which we'll also review. For the 4th day of our Marian Tee Mania, we'll we reviewing When Fangirls Lie. I'm actually really excited about reviewing this because honestly, Staffan and Saffi's story is my favorite among the three in the Pussketeers collection. I won't be biased with my review though, of course.

Title: When Fangirls Lie (How Not to be Seduced by Rockstars # 1)
Author: Marian Tee
Genre: Romance, Contemporary
Sapphire “Saffi” March used to be known as an eccentric genius, the girl who had made a laughingstock of her illustrious family. But she’s reinvented herself since then. Now a post-graduate honor student, Saffi is determined to be a dutiful daughter, with no one in her world ever supposed to know she’s also the most diehard fangirl of Sweden’s #1 Sex God.

It’s her greatest secret, and the times she watches the sex god sing and dance are the only times she could just breathe…and be herself.

Handsome like a classical statue but earthy and sexy like a pagan god, Staffan Aehrenthal is the most wildly successful rockstar that ever came on stage. He should be celebrating being on top of his world, but a woman’s betrayal had Staffan forging a path to self-destruction instead.

 Life no longer meant anything – until serendipity introduced him to a beautiful and funny girl with an adorably unique fascination with fishes.
When their worlds collide on one fateful weekend, Saffi is disguised as a gum-chewing hardcore groupie while Staffan pretends he hasn’t been trailing after her all over the Internet. It’s a recipe for the most hilarious and heartbreaking of disasters because when fangirls lie, the craziest things can happen – like a rockstar falling in love.

Staffan Aehrenthal is a famous rockstar/pop star (it's a really confusing genre). He's rich, handsome, and dresses like no other. He's a guy who's not exactly afraid of commitment -- just love. This is caused by a past relationship that ended on such a sour note. He wants to be with our wonderfully awkward leading lady, but he wants to make sure that she would "lose the starts in her eyes" first.

Sapphire "Saffi" March a.k.a. H is an awkward, yet absolutely charming and smart woman who has a knack of making everybody instantly like her. She's the only daughter of a powerful family, with two older brothers. She studies fish, and she tends to blurt out the most ridiculous expressions including aquatic creatures. She wanted to be with Staffan even for just a short period of time. This is the reason behind her adapted slutty persona "H" (which everybody saw through, by the way).

NY Times Best Selling Author Marian Tee is not afraid of breaking her characters' hearts. That's one of the things I love about this book (and her others as well). There's no counting how many times Saffi's heart ached in this book. Though, there's more of that in the 2nd installment. SPOILER!!

This book conjured up a myriad of my emotions that it's ridiculous! I cried from sadness, cried from being happy; I laughed from excitement, and laughed from Saffi's silly antics; I cringed from shame; Got nervous because I knew something bad was about to happen; I got pissed because of how much Saffi suffered; I felt proud because at some point she found the strength to give up; I swooned because...just because!! There are other things I felt but I can't even name them!

I loved how Bob, Staffan's right hand man, was willing to resign because he felt so bad for Saffi. I think it's nice that he's not willing to tolerate his boss' unforgivable actions towards our heroine.

There was a scene in the book where a dance battle took place. I found it ridiculously funny how I was expecting Saffi to kickass. I sort of thought that she's like a dance goddess waiting for the right time to show her skills. But NO! She was so charmingly awful and she even chose to perform a dance craze that I'm sure we all know.

This is just a small thing that I found a bit...bleh. Aehrenthal's concert, where he "chose" Saffi from the crowd and he ate her out on front of thousands of people...while there were cameras. I just had a hard time picturing how that was going down (pun intended). 

That's pretty much it. This book has a lot of funny, embarassing, and painful moments that is guaranteed to make you lose your mind. I honestly find this book one of Marian Tee's best creations, so obviously I'll be giving this a "TO-READ" stamp.

This is just the beginning of their story. I assure you that the second major installment of this series will make you bawl like a baby in need of a bottle. So I recommend that you have a pint of ice cream beside you while reading books 1 and 2, just so you can be comforted. You're welcome.

Thanks for reading this review, and let me know what you guys think of my reviews, or the books themselves.


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