Blog Tour of How to Blog a Book by Nina Amir -- REVIEW

How to Blog a Book got me very curious because of several things: 1st I'm a blogger, 2nd I'm a copywriter/copyeditor, 3rd I'm a frustrated novelist, and 4th I do SEO (search engine optimization) stuff. So just by the title, I knew this was something I needed to read. I'll share my review in a minute, for now, here's what this bestseller is all about.

Title: How to Blog a Book: Write, Publish, and Promote Your Work One Post at a Time
Author: Nina Amir
Publication Date: May 21, 2012
Published by: Writer's Digest Books
Source: Copy Given by Author and Tour Organizer

Transform Your Blog into a Book!
The world of blogging is rapidly changing, but it remains one of the most efficient ways to write and share your work with an eager audience. But how do you purposefully hone your blog content into a uniquely positioned book that will be noticed by an agent or a publisher?
How to Blog a Book Revised and Expanded Edition is a completely updated guide to writing and publishing a saleable book based on a blog. Expert author and blogger Nina Amir guides you through the process of developing targeted blog content that will increase your chances of publication and maximize your visibility as an author.
In this revised edition you’ll find:
•The latest information on how to set up, maintain, and optimize a blog
•Steps for writing a book easily from scratch using blog posts
•Advice on how to write blog posts
•Tips on gaining visibility and promoting your work both online and off
•Current tools for driving traffic to your blog
•Extensive information on how to monetize your existing blog content into a book or other products
•Profiles with authors who received blog-to-book deals, including four new “from blog to book” success stories
The subject matter is definitely unique. It's not often that you pick a book up that tackles book publishing, blogging, writing, and online marketing. It's the complete package, and it's truly helpful. From the very first chapter the book already proved to be engaging and informative. It's quite obvious that Nina really knew what she was talking about; from the creative aspect of blogging to the more technical side that comes with it. What I loved most about How to Blog a Book is it does not give false expectations; the author didn't say that everyone can do this, in fact she was pretty clear that it takes a lot of...well, everything to be successful in this endeavor.  
I received a copy of this book in PDF, so I'm not sure if it affected the formatting or not, but it has sort of a crowded feel to it. My eyes were calling for white spaces as breathing room, if you know what I mean. 
There were statistics and accurate findings that helped make the book more reliable and factual. I have to admit though, I did skim over a few pages, namely those that seemed repetitive, but as a whole this book is simply wonderfully inspiring. I give it 4 stars and would surely recommend this to "most" of my blogger friends.


Nina Amir, the bestselling author of How to Blog a Book and The Author Training Manual, is a speaker, a blogger, and an author, book, and blog-to-book coach. Known as the Inspiration to Creation Coach, she helps creative people combine their passion and purpose so they move from idea to inspired action and positively and meaningfully impact the world as writers, bloggers, authorpreneurs, and blogpreneurs. Some of Nina’s clients have sold 300,000+ copies of their books, landed deals with major publishing houses and created thriving businesses around their books. She is the founder of National Nonfiction Writing Month, aka the Write Nonfiction in November Challenge, and the Nonfiction Writers’ University. As a hybrid author she has published 15 books and had as many as four books on the Amazon Top 100 list at the same time.
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  1. Oh, this actually intrigues me. I love reading about blogging. I haven't thought about trying to make a book out of blog tho haha.

    1. My thoughts exactly. It's truly one of a kind. :) I would suggest that you pick it up. There are two versions though, so you'd need to get the one with the yellow lining. (what a description) ^_^

    2. Yes, get the revised and expanded edition with the yellow cover. It contains information on how to book a blog and blog a book! So many ways to use your blog to produce a book.

  2. Just stopped by to say hello and Girl,I'm impressed with all the new stuff you've added to your blog.Was completely off the radar since May but I need to catch up fast. ;) I believe this is the very book to read for bloggers like me who need to know how to carve out a proper schedule for their blog.Good job!

    1. Hi!! :-) Thanks so much! Can you tell that I've been busy? Haha! Thanks so much for checking in. Come on! You've been missing out, time to catch up. :-) This is definitely THE BOOK for bloggers, and will surely inspire you to go all Buzz Lightyear -- To Infinity and Beyond!!

    2. Glad you found it helpful!


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