MTM Day 14: REVIEW of Drawn: His Secret Toy

Hi booksnakes! We are now on our 14th day of Marian Tee Mania, and since I promised to review a book of Best Selling Author Marian Tee that I didn't like that much, that is what I'm going to be doing today. 
*deep breath* Okay, so Drawn: His Secret Toy is one of, if not THE first, novel by our chinoy (chinese-pinoy) author. That's why I think it's completely understandable why this didn't really do all that well in my opinion.
Title: Drawn: His Secret Toy (Girls with Secrets #1)
Author: Marian Tee
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Publication Date: December 5, 2012
Published by: Faith C. Martin
Source: Bought

Senior student Katerina “KC” Chariot is a good girl with a secret. She’s so nice she has an impossible time swearing unless she’s using pretty British cuss words. She also likes to fantasize about hot guys in her school. But it’s for work. Really. Katerina is an aspiring mangaka, and she needs “inspiration” for drawing smutty scenes.
Unfortunately, one particular fantasy about the Japanese-Russian transfer student Yuki Himura gets the better of her. She ends up unconsciously moaning his name – in Yuki’s presence, too. 
In a twist of fate, Katerina finds herself agreeing to become Yuki’s secret toy, which sounds a lot worse than it actually is- especially in the eyes of her Theology-professor dad.
The whole school thinks of Yuki as the ideal guy – gorgeous, smart, and sweet. But with Katerina, he’s the Devil sent to torment her, seduce her, and – worst of all – he’s making her fall in love with him even though he's said it’s the one thing she should never ever do.
This novel has a unique, albeit pretty mature subject. I say unique because it's not everyday you get to pick up a book about high school students playing human sex toy and master. By the way, for high school students out there reading this right now, DO NOT DO THIS. Leave it in the pages.
Marian Tee's obsession with all things Japanese is also very much shown here. You can't read it and not know that the author has fair knowledge of the country's culture. This appeals to me a lot because I am half-Japanese and I do have a hidden mangaka in me. If properly persuaded I might even do cosplays. *wink*

The writing style and story line was still pretty rough around the edges. But like I said earlier, pretty normal for an author that's starting out. 
Marian's creations are pretty extreme most of the time. Which I love, of course. I mean, it is nice to imagine being in a world with really perfectly good-looking and rich men who find pretty average women attractive. But the subject of this story, I have two issues with. First, it's kind of inappropriate, because they are still in high school. Second, it's a little over-the-top for me in general. 

This book has been a miss for me, but I would be giving it 2 stars as the lowest rate. It wasn't terrible, just not something that I liked too much.

That's it! By the way, the second installment of this book will be released this year if I'm not mistaken. I'm sure that will be so much better and I can't wait for it.


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