MTM Day 15: REVIEW of Forever & Ever, My Greek Billionaire

Hey booksnakes!! Yes, it's been a while (again) since our 14th day of MTM. But let me be clear that it was intentional. I had to wait for the last book in Willow and Stavros' story, because for the 13th day of MTM we reviewed Love, Your Greek Billionaire, so it's just right to end this series before starting a new one. You understand, right? *puppy dog eyes*
Author: Marian Tee
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Publication Date: May 5, 2015
Published by: Jaded Speck Publishing
Source: ARC Given by Author
Her billionaire ex-lover wants her back, but not as his secretary. 
It would be so easy for 24-year-old Willow Somerset to give in to Stavros Manolis' demands. But she knows if they're to have a chance on a happy-ever-after, she needs to keep pushing him away. She needs to let him believe she's betrayed him until he finds out the truth for himself.

And that was she loved him, always had, and always will.

Willow Somerset now appears to be tougher, cold, and manipulative. But that is all for show, because in reality she is but a martyr. She still has high hopes for her and our hero, but she's only human...she also gets tired.
Stavros Manolis now hates Willow. He swallowed his pride for her only to be turned down repeatedly. He believes that Willow is no different from his mother. But he knows deep inside that his love for Willow will never fade.

I loved the usual things that I love (can you say redundant?) about Marian's books; The emotional rollercoaster ride, the quirky and lively heroine, and the never ending journey of finding forever in each other's arms. But what stood out to me is knowing what to expect, but still being struck by it with such force. I can only compare it to seeing a bus coming towards you but not being able to dodge it. It was ridiculous! 
By now, I can confidently say that I know Marian Tee's writing. Honestly, her books have loads of things alike: rich man and curvy woman with lots of spunk (or sometimes shy), they fall in love but one of them is too stubborn to accept it because of commitment issues, they end up hurting each other, one of them does everything to try to win other person back, other person does or say something that crushes whatever hope they have, first person stops trying, then the other person realizes the mistake he/she made and apologizes only to he hurt too. It's a repetitive process and one that is supposed to bore me by now because of its predictability, but I'm not sick of it. I still crave it. I can't get enough of it. Should I seek professional help for this? *asks innocently*

Having an "invisible connection" between our leads is common in Marian books. The usual, "I know he's in the room before I even saw him.", or "I know everything you're thinking and feeling just by looking at you." In this book though, I think it became too much. I don't want to give anything away, but you guys would understand once you've read the book. It's okay though. What's not okay, is Stavro's manwhoring ways. He's the only one (I think) amongst the male characters in Marian Tee's books that had the guts to sleep with -- or rather fuck -- other women...repeatedly...while Willow was in the other room. COME ON!! When push comes to shove, you shove your member in any orifice of any woman you choose. That is not cool. NOT. COOL. 
So what's my verdict for the ending to this heartbreaking series? Did I love it? Of course I did! This is a short read, and I give it 4 stars. I can't wait for Serene and Willem's story though. Eeepppp!! *schoolgirl shriek*


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