Bananas for Books #AtoZChallenge want to tell you guys a short story. It’s a story of how I came to be a huge bookworm – or Booksnake.

I don’t have a deep background involving books like most book nerds (I say “nerd” in a fond way). I didn’t start obsessing over books at very young age, nor was I exposed to the works of Jane Austen, Stephen King, Mark Twain, or William Shakespeare.

I’m not into English Literature. I haven’t read Pride and Prejudice, Romeo and Juliet (but of course I know the story), Wuthering Heights, or A Tale of Two Cities.

I’m not someone you can talk about classical books with, because honestly, the only classic works I’ve read are those of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Yes, I am talking about The Adventures of Sherlock Homes. And even this was caused by my obsession of the movie. (Robert Downey Jr. has a way of making people do things.)

But was this what inspired me to start reading like crazy? The reason I became bananas for books? Based on what I’ve told you about me, the answer should be easy – NO it was not.

The credit goes to Best Selling Author J.K. Rowling and her world of witches and wizards. Yup! Harry Potter made me realize just how fun it is to lose yourself in the pages of a book.

From that point on, reading became an obsession, collecting books a passion, and delving into another world my salvation. I can’t count the times reading helped me…survive.

Anyway, the rest is all history, and here I am now! *wink*

I guess what I’m trying to say is, we don’t need to compare the list of books we’ve read just to prove to people that we truly love reading. We can all be book nerds (again, said in a fond way), and we should be proud of it.  


  1. I can tell you that if I'd never picked up a book before in my life, the Harry Potter books would have turned me into a reader. Fantastic series. And, I agree, we don't need to compare the list of books we've read to prove we love reading. We only need to do that if we're trying to prove how smug we are. :)


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