Review of Kellion by Marian Tee

This review has been a long time coming! So freaking long that I quite forgot what happened in this standalone novel from Marian Tee, meaning I had to read it again which was NO hardship at all.

I’m thrilled to get back to writing reviews for books penned by Ms. Tee, because I am so far behind. But enough with the ranting and let’s proceed to checking out Kellion, part 6 of the Heart Racer series. 

Title: Kellion (Heart Racer #6) 
Author: Marian Tee 
Publication Date: December 12, 2014
Published by: Jaded Speck Publishing
Source: Bought


This is a full-length standalone biker romance novel with a HAPPY-EVER-AFTER ending.

His name is Kellion. Beautiful. Wicked. Dashing. Alive. That’s what attracted me the most about him – that he’s so full of life, it makes me feel like I’m not dead inside.

I thought he was just like all the other bikers of the Afxisi, America’s most popular and exclusive underground racing club. Someone too rich, too gorgeous for his own good, someone too full of himself to be human.

But then I saw a secret side of him. Realized that he had just been pretending all along. Realized that he needed me, and that broken part of him drew me in, like a moth to a flame.

Now, I want to be the one to make him smile. Really smile, and not like all those fake smiles he used to make the girls around him fall in love.

I want to make him think of me, just me. I want to belong to him, just him. But most of all, I want him to know I love him. Not the biker, not the billionaire’s son, not the hot guy. But him. Kellion.

Even if his smile tells me he’ll end up tearing me apart, I need him to know he’s not alone. I’m his to love or destroy. Whatever he wants – I’m his.


Kellion just wants to be seen. It’s a ridiculous request coming from an exquisite-looking billionaire who EVERYONE sees – but he’s not being noticed for the right reasons. He doesn’t want people to look at him and see a guy swimming in money or a man who can have anything done in a snap of his finger, he doesn’t want people to know him because of his influential last name – he just wants someone to notice him for him. Just Kellion.

Aria has an angelic voice – that she hasn’t used for years. She was dealt a rough hand in life, which resulted to her vowing never to speak again ... until she met Kellion. She wants to make him smile, and she yearns to make him laugh and feel loved. She will do anything to see him happy – even if it causes her a lifetime of loneliness.


I’m not 100% sure, but I think Kellion is the first full length standalone novel I’ve read from Marian Tee. I was so used to reading a 70-80 page book by her that getting into this story got me all excited. All the ups and downs between our main characters WILL take place within this 170-190 page book, and knowing that there won’t be a cliffhanger at the end really got me worked up because I knew that I will be crying a whole lot – which is a normal thing for me when I’m reading Marian’s works.

Kellion is the kind of story you can’t summarize so easily; you can’t just say, “In a nutshell, this is what happened...” There are predictable things that happened in this book – which is a normal call for someone who has read hundreds of other romance novels – but there are twists in this book that will make readers go, “What?” I won’t give much away, except the reason behind Aria wanting to abstain from speaking is deep and will break your heart.

Is this the most dramatic book written by this author? No. Is the love story of Aria and Kellion the most romantic? No. Are their steamy scenes the hottest from all of Marian’s books? Maybe. But despite of all these, this has been an awesome read for me. I thoroughly enjoyed it, not just because it is penned by one of my favorite authors, but because it offered something different. It talks about matters that aren’t being addressed as much but deserves to be. It puts to light how most people treat people who are even slightly different, and how easy it is for people to judge someone based on what’s on the surface.


Kellion is a romantic novel that has a lot of underlying pain and heroic attempts of selflessness. If you want to have a good cry over a glass of wine or a cup of good hot cocoa, grab a copy of this book and get to reading. I doubt you will regret making the purchase because you WILL be shedding a few tears, I guarantee it. 



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