Marian Tee Marathon!

Hey booksnakes! How's it going? I'm so sorry I haven't written new reviews for the past couple of weeks. Been very busy, but I am now back and have decided to do something I find really exciting. [Shaking from excitement!]
I've been gushing about how much I love Marian Tee's books and how she's my literature hero, (Wow! My hero is obsessed with Greek deep of me. ;>) and now I'm gonna prove it. 
For 30 days I'll be writing reviews about Marian's books, and her books alone. As you can see on the image shown on the side, I have alnost every book that she has written, and I can't wait to share them with everyone. The books aren't in order though so I apologize for that, but there's nothing I can do. It's the app. :-) 
Anyway, so I'll be kicking Day 1 off with the first book of hers that I've read. I won't say what the title is yet, it's a surprise. But I will say that it's the key that opened the gates of my obsession for this New York Times Best Selling Author, who also happens to be a fellow "kababayan". 
Right-y then, I'll be working on my reviews, but for the time being, do download her books. They're really good. I swear. No one has ever messed with my emotions as much as Ms. Tee. And she's really proud of the fact if her Facebook comment [seen below] is anything to go by. :-)

And as you can see we are friends on Facebook. It just goes to show that she isn't just an awesome writer, she's a really nice person as well. And even though she's a shy woman (she doesn't deny that fact), she still accomodates her fans in ways that she can. 

Alright, so this wraps up my review announcement. Once again, I encourage you guys to purchase her books.

You won't regret it. A word of caution though, her stories may cause non-stop crying, hysterical laughter, and uncomfortably high libido. ;)


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