Room For More by Beth Ehemann

NOTE: If you have not read book 1 of this series titled Room For You then I might spoil it for you through this review. But that's just me being considerate. (wink) Feel free to ignore this comment though. :)
I've recently posted my review of Room For You and it was pretty obvious that I loved it. This second book though...why don't we find out? :)

Title: Room For More (Cranberry Inn #2)
Author: Beth Ehemann
Genre: Romance, Sports, Contemporary, New Adult

Four years ago, my dreams were shattered in an instant.
Three months ago, I found something I haven’t had in years. 
That hope came in the form of a sexy, carefree hockey player named Brody Murphy. He swooped in and won me over with his big heart and the way he cared for me…and my girls. When they look at him, they see the father they’ve never had.
Now, my past and present are colliding and the outcome might just be too much for me to bear. Can I make the right decision when I’ve spent my whole life making the wrong ones?
So if you've read the first book, or my review for said book, you already know most of the main characters. But there will be a couple more characters that will be introduced and focused on. 

Viper has been introduced in the first book, but he will be mentioned more throughout the book. You'll also meet the woman that may just change Viper's polygamous ways. Oh! One other thing...Zach is back. The biggest douche in the planet is back in their lives. But we'll get into more of that in a bit. 

Much of the things that I loved in the first book hasn't changed. I still love Brody and the Twinkies -- but so do other people. I absolutely found Zach's return quite amusing. I was a bit anxious to know what kind of lame excuse he could possibly come up with. Surprise surprise! It wasn't that lame at all. If you actually think about the reason he left in a rational perspective, you would know that he made the right decision. Probably not the way he did it though, but it's good that he left. 

While we're broaching this subject, it's good that Kacie didn't feel anything romantic towards his ex. To be honest, I was expecting for her to feel some sort of attraction to this sperm donor, but no. She just felt bad for him somehow, for all the things he had to go through. 

I was thrilled to see how comfortable Kacie has become with her relationship with Brody. She's more affectionate and doesn't try to hide it. It's great. There really was some growth there. 

Another thing I loved is how Kacie was given tough love by her best friend Alexa. She was very upfront about how stupid and irrational Kacie was being -- and I loved that! 

Picking up from Kacie's stupidity (and I would call it stupidity because I hated her for not anticipating how hurt Brody will be by her withholding important information). She did not tell Brody that Zach is back, that they're working together, and that he has seen the kids. If I were Brody, I would've left Kacie. Why? She was being selfish!! Sure she had her reasons, but they're not justifiable! It would've been easier to accept if she was just honest. But no, she chose to be selfish. I'm mad because she hurt the most perfect man in the world of make-believe! And she even snapped at Alexa for being honest about it. I guess the truth really does hurt. (stupid)

(Breath in, breath out) Okay, now I feel better. Like other readers, I was also confused as to why Brody's parents had to be divorced. I don't see how it could have been relevant to the story. Aside from more pages in the book, and the conflict it gave Brody, I don't see why it had to happen. Is it to show them that no relationship can last? I don't think that's the message Beth wanted to share with us though. 

Anyway, that is that...oh! Before I forget, the ending is awesome. It really is. I give this second installment a thumbs up. As if there was really any doubt. ;) 

So pick this book up, but not before the first book, which once again is titled Room For You.
I'm sure you'll enjoy it, and please feel free to share your thoughts about it. 


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