MTM Day 11: REVIEW of How Not to Marry A Billionaire

11th day of Marian Tee Mania and I have something special for you! *singsong voice* Remember how we finished Constantijin and Yanna’s story in Caged, book 3 of the How Not to be Seduced by Billionaires series? Well…it’s NOT yet over!! Yay!

As part of the Eternally Seduced book set, New York Times and USA Today Best Selling Author Marian Tee included a short book as conclusion to Kastein and Everleigh’s romance, titled Not to Marry A Billionaire.

It’s supposed to be read AFTER Saffi and Staffan’s story, but before Rathe and Mary’s. Like I said, it’s pretty short, but it gives us a really good “closure”. So without further ado…

Title: How Not to Marry A Billionaire (How Not to be Seduced by Billionaires #3.5)
Author: Marian Tee
Genre: Romance, Contemporary
Source: Bought

SYNOPSIS: (I personally did this, so I apologize in advance)

Because of everything that happened between them in the past, Yanna is having a hard time giving herself fully again to Constantijin. She’s trying her best to guard her heart, even if that means unintentionally hurting the love of her life. 

Constantijin however, would not be deterred so easily. He would have Yanna forever – but how much doubt and pain can he really take?

Constantijin Kastein is still, you guessed right, a billionaire! (Is he in Forbes list? *wink*) But what’s different between him now and him before? Constantijin now really wants to have Yanna in his life as his wife. Him before, a.k.a. Netherlands’ #1 playboy, well…was just an ass*shrug*.

Yanna Everleigh have somewhat changed. She’s now a bit more apprehensive when it comes to her relationship with C-man. Aaaaaand she seems to be more stubborn than usual…just my kinda girl.

It’s nice to see them have their happily-ever-after. I remember reading How Not to be Seduced by Dukes and suddenly found myself asking, “Are Yanna and Constantijin married already?” So this answered that question.

I also found it amusing how our billionaire didn’t give up on our quirky leading lady. He was so keen on tying her to him that he had the decency to “make” her say “Yes” to the questions being asked during the wedding ceremony. Though, I would NEVER want to find myself in that situation, it’s still funny to imagine that actually happening in real life.

I didn’t really have any bleh moments due to the fact that it was too short. I sort of just savored the story, you know?

Overall, it’s a good short story. I would, of course, give this a “TO-READ” stamp because it’s just wrong for me to deny you a happily-ever-after type of ending.
This is not sold separately, if I’m not mistaken. So if you guys would read this, you have to get the Eternally Seduced box set.

So that is it for now. Do let me know what you guys think, and for our 10th day of MTM, we’ll be reviewing the last installment of the How Not to be Seduced by Dukes series titled The Ice Around My Heart. This would also conclude the Pussketeers collection. *sob*

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