Review of Lead Me Home by Candi Wall

For some reason I thought this book would be... not as sexually intense as it actually is. The blurb seemed tamed... enough. It does promise a passionate night, but I was not prepared for the sexy and hot journey that is Lead Me Home. 

Title: Lead Me Home (Home is Where the Heat Is #2)
Author: Candi Wall 
Publication Date: July 7, 2015 
Published by: Samhain Publishing
Source: Copy Given by Tour Organizer


Home Is Where the Heat Is, Book 2

As far as Chloe Garrison is concerned, Nick Westing was carved by the gods. Her one and only plan while visiting her best friend in Texas: get that sexy cowboy into her bed as often as possible until it’s time to return to New York.

After a whirlwind week she slips away, thinking it best to make a clean break. Except she can’t get Nick out of her head. And when he unexpectedly walks into her office, her first instinct is to find her defenses before she loses her panties.

Nick jumped at the chance to accompany his brother to New York for a photo shoot, but now that he’s here, he’s pissed. Seems Chloe is doing everything in her power to ignore him. The tender part of him understands her need for space.

The wilder side of him teases and torments her until she finally admits she’s missed him.

Even though she walks away, in his book it’s a win. Because one way or another, he’s going to convince her they belong together.



“Sexy and soft,” he murmured.

He almost laughed when she sat up, her eyes hard. “I’m not soft. I just love Miya to death.”

“It’s a form of softness, and it’s nothin’ to get all riled about.” Man, she was prickly. “You love your friend. That’s great. It tells a lot about who you are inside. And it shows me that when you shake off the city, you’d fit in perfectly in small-town life.”

Her entire frame stiffened. “Yeah, well small towns are not in my future. It would be suffocating.”

“That’s too bad. Seems to me you like it here. A lot more than you admit.” He’d pegged her for the no-commitment type, but he hoped to convince her to hang in with him for a bit. Even with the distance between them, just to see what they could be. That didn’t mean he needed her it’s-not-you-it’s-me attitude. “Whatever you decide. I’m here for the party. If you say these last days are all we are, so be it. If you want to try at long distance, great. Either way, I figure you should know I’m here if you want to give it a go beyond sex.”

“Nick!” Shawn shouted. “Come on!”

Nick backed away. “We good?”

She nodded. “Yeah. We’re good.”

He smiled, wondering how quick she planned to run now that he’d mentioned something more than sex. “I’ll be back soon.”


It's no secret that I have a thing for books with strong female leads. So it's just natural that I got drawn to Lead Me Home. From the very first page, we already get to see Chloe's athletic, competitive, and seductive side. She knows what she wants, and she doesn't hesitate to get it. The lust between the main characters is one for the records; it's explosive and heat-inducing. The story though is a tad predictable. I've read a lot of romance books so predicting how a plot will unravel isn't that difficult anymore. But this is still a good read all in all. There's humor, romance, sex, a bit of drama all packed in a short and compact book. I would recommend it to readers who appreciates short books.



Candi Wall is probably the only person whose real name is more epic than any pseudonym she could have come up with – even as an author! She writes because the voices in her head have to come out somehow. Animal rescue-ess, mother of four, and soccer mom by day, she spends her free time writing – often on napkins at kids’ games because she never knows when a juicy story will reveal its delicious self. She once wrote a sex scene at a wrestling meet. Shhhhhh!


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