MTM Day 9: REVIEW of How Not to be Seduced by Dukes

Hey Booksnakes! We are now on our 9th day of Marian Tee Mania, and this also signals the beginning of a new series titled How Not to be Seduced by Dukes. It’s still a part of the Pussketeers collection, and it’s the story of Rathe Wellesley and Mary Ashton. It’s a two-part series, and we’ll be reviewing the first one. Second installment is titled The Ice Around My Heart, which was released recently.
This series, if I were to be completely honest, frustrated the heck out of me. Why? Because it took quite a while for the second installment to come out!! Now, I don’t blame Ms. Tee because she’s a very busy person. But that didn’t stop the anticipation from pissing me off a bit. *breathing deeply*

Title: How Not to be Seduced by Dukes (How Not to be Seduced by Dukes #1)
Author: Marian Tee
Genre: Romance, Contemporary
Published on: February 3, 2014
Source: Bought
At 34 years old, Rathe Wellesley, a powerful and gorgeous billionaire nobleman, has his life all planned out – or so he thinks until he meets Mary, a lovely but socially awkward genius who is nothing like his future duchess should be.
Raised by a crazed and oppressive stepfather, 18-year-old Mary Ashton finds herself swept off her feet by the duke and tossed out of her home for daring to kiss a man before marriage.
By choosing to be with Rathe, Mary’s life is completely transformed, leading an ordinary life as a college student during the day…and living the glamorous and passionate life as the duke’s mistress at night.
It’s not the life she’s dreamt of but the look in Rathe’s eyes keeps Mary from leaving. It’s a look that tells her maybe, just maybe he could fall in love with her, too.
Rathe Wellesley is royalty. He’s rich, drop-dead gorgeous, and well-mannered. He’s infamous for being cold and distant. And like true Pussketeer fashion, he’s afraid of commitment. But to be clearer, he’s afraid of a real relationship with our leading lady, because of a traumatic past – which haunts him till this day.
Mary Ashton is a survivor and a fighter. These are words that aptly describe her. She survives from an abusive life and a majorly f***ed up stepfather, and she constantly fights for the love she feels for Rathe. Even if it means she has to be his mistress to be with him.
It’s intense. And it tackles a subject that I don’t think I’ve read from other books. I won’t give anything away, but I will say that I think Rathe was a bit too hard on himself. But I guess that’s what happens when you’re not just an elite, but part of the royal family.
I really found Mary’s background awesome. Not that what happened to her was in any way awesome, but the story it makes is great. And it’s also nice to see that she didn’t let what happened to her ruin her life. She really is a survivor.
There are a lot of wonderful points in this book, but I can’t tell ‘em here without giving anything away. And I promised myself that I would refrain from spoilers on this review. So, moving on…
I think Mary’s demon was “defeated” too quickly. For those who have read the book, I’m sure you’d understand what I mean. I just think that it should’ve been more dramatic, and maybe a bit more – painful. I don’t know if I’m just being biased since I’ve read other books by New York Times and USA Today Best Selling Author Marian Tee, and I know she CAN make people experience pain. Eh, anyway, it’s still good that the evil entity has been defeated.
I’m still going to give this a “TO-READ” stamp, because it’s good and IT IS part of the Pussketeers collection. Speaking of which, we still have 2 more books to go before we wrap this collection up. It’s bittersweet, but we’ll be moving on to greener pastures. And by pastures I mean ramps, roads, and motorcycles. *wink*

Please let me know what you think. And thanks for reading!


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