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I had to read this book in 2 hours because I actually forgot that I had an ARC of it, waiting to be read. So you can say that I forgot about it which is very irresponsible, I know. I'm so sorry. But I did pay for it, if it's any consolation. Since I had to start reading it ASAP, I didn't even bother re-reading the synopsis to remind me of the story's outline. So picture this, me riding public transportation with a nosy guy beside me trying to catch a glimpse of what I'm reading on my e-reader, then I find out it's a freaking BDSM-themed book with lots of graphic sex scenes. Think I was uncomfortable? Nah! I remained cool and collected...on the outside, but on the inside I was burning up and freaking annoyed that I don't have privacy to read such things! I would've been able to savor THOSE scenes more. *sigh* Anyhoooooo, on to my review...

Title: Untouchable (Elite Doms of Washington #2)
Author: Elizabeth SaFleur
Expected Publication Date: July 3, 2015
Published by: Troll River Publishing
Source: ARC Given by Author and Tour Organizer

A powerful man in a powerful world, corporate attorney Carson Drake is the master of the short-term affair and the pre-emptive strike. His motto, do unto others before done to him, has kept him single and safe.
Public relations executive London Chantelle relishes in her independence and is an unlikely partner. Mistrustful and damaged from her history, London wants nothing to do with men seeking to cage her.
Yet their unexpected encounter at private BDSM club Diabolus offers a delicious opportunity for them both. Mesmerized by London’s spirit, Carson offers her a weekend of sexual, submissive pleasure. London, anticipating she could finally put her unwanted darker, longings to rest, agrees to his proposal.
The weekend proves beyond what either could guess. Carson quickly taps into London’s masochistic streak, and they discover how perfect they could be together. But when a blackmailing co-worker and long-buried secrets threatens their budding relationship, Carson must turn to the secret and powerful BDSM organization, The Tribunal, for help. Yet help always comes with a price, and soon Carson and London are forced to deal with their pasts.

Carson Drake is a successful attorney, as well as a sought after dom. He gave up his mission of finding the perfect sub that would stay with him no matter what a long time ago. That is until a smart-mouthed, career-driven woman started challenging him and piquing his interest. Then he discovers that she might just be perfect for him.
London Chantelle's childhood has been anything but great. She's solely responsible for her little brother's well-being now, and add to that her need to be dominated and feel pain that she's extremely embarassed about, she learned to build walls and hide behind a strong facade. But Carson is the only man who made her embrace her true submissive nature in a beautiful way. That is until things get complicated.

I haven't read the first book in this series so I worried that I might be thrust upon a world that I would absolutely felt disconnected with. I didn't get that feeling at all. The author was careful enough to give details about their organization, the Tribune, and their lifestyle to paint a pretty clear picture. I do think she should have given "more" for readers like myself that haven't had the pleasure of enjoying the real introduction in the beginning of the series. But still the same, it was good enough.
I have to get this out of the way, the sex scenes. I am confident with my sexuality and I know myself well enough to say that I am a submissive. I may not look like it, considering I seem to be very dominant myself, but I am one. The dominance Carson exudes is so powerful and potent that it even affects me! That's how sexy and amazing he is. He's like the ideal dom that submissives would love to have.
The story was pretty good. The events were actually dark and painful, but for some reason, I feel like it wasn't that heavy. It could just be because I was in a rush in reading it so I didn't get the full impact.

I understand London's reserve and the reason behind her stubborness, but she just got to my nerves a number of times in the book. She goes all hot and cold, then Elsa-like icy. I just feel like Carson didn't deserve that kind of push and pull. But hey, that could just be jealousy speaking.

I'm going to be reading the first installment of the series, no doubt, as well as follow the upcoming releases, because I like the representation the author has of the whole dom-sub relationship as well as the lifestyle in general. I give Untouchable 4 stars.
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Elizabeth SaFleur, an erotic romance author, penned the Elite Doms of Washington series, contemporary tales of dominance, seduction, and love set in our nation’s capital. The first novel, Lovely, was released in January 2015. She’s a member of the Romance Writers Association and avid reader of all fiction genres.

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  1. Many thanks for reviewing Untouchable. I'm so glad you enjoyed it -- especially Carson. ;-)

    1. You're welcome. :) Thank you for writing a great dom. I look forward to reading the following installments. :)

  2. Thank you for hosting and reviewing Untouchable :)


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