MTM Day 16: REVIEW of Heart Racer by Marian Tee

I can't remember when I read this book exactly, but I do remember being quite excited about it because hello? New Marian Tee series? I honestly didn't know what I should expect before I started reading it. I know that the male lead is cocky and a man-whore. I also know that the female lead is a curvy woman (saw it on the BBW boxed set) who has quite a sharp tongue and a bad taste in fashion. But I really didn't know where the story will go and how the drama would unfold, because with Marian Tee's books, you know that drama will happen.
Title: Heart Racer (Heart Racer #1)
Author: Marian Tee
Publication Date: February 17, 2014
Published by: Jaded Speck Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Source: Bought
With the elections coming up and his father wanting a seat in Parliament, Leandro Christopoulos needed to reinvent his public image from playboy underground motor racer to boring upright role model.
The solution: Bobby Granger. Bobby, which was short for Roberta, supposedly the smartest girl in school and recently voted as Young Philanthropist of the Year. 
Unfortunately, she was not his type - snarky, old-fashioned, bookish, and most importantly of all – the kind who needed to be in love before going to bed with a guy.
High maintenance was his first thought. Find another girl was what his initial instincts told him. But then Leandro accidentally saw her naked, and he knew he was just going to have to lie about falling in love with her.
Leandro Christopoulos believes that he's God's gift to women. He thinks he can be a jackass just because he's good-looking, rich, and every woman wants him. He's TOO arrogant and selfish that he lied to our heorine just to get what he wanted. 
Roberta "Bobby" Granger is a smart and curvy woman who has a blade-like tongue and a passion for wearing drab clothes. She doesn't let Leandro push her around, but she so easily fell for his charms and his lies...which didn't end too well for her.

Bobby has a don't-bullshit-me attitude, which I totally dig. First encounter she has with Leandro and they're immediately throwing insult after insult at one another. She's not intimidated by -- nor does she care about -- his wealth and power. She heeds no mind to such trivial things like what she's going to wear, who she's seen with, and what she can do to be noticed by guys. She's been traumatized by a real crappy prank malibitch barbie played on her before, and it affected her capability of trusting men...especially ones who seem to good to be true. 
I loved how short this is and how it ended on a cliffhanger. I know, I know, I'm probably the only person who enjoys such a thing. If it makes you feel any better (which I don't think it will), I DON'T like being left high and dry like that, but it just so happened that I already have the next book so I know I don't really have to wait that long. The effect the cliffhanger had on me was just for added drama. And I like my drama, thanks very much. 
The chemistry and the hotness this book has is great. Leandro was also quite dominant in the bedroom if memory serves, and I find that awe -- wait for it -- some. I really liked it. 

This is my first exposure to Greek billionaires, and I was quite bothered with how much of an ass Leandro came off as. It's probably something the author did on purpose so we can see how he's changed in the future, but still...a little too much there. 
Heart Racer is such a short read that a person can't really write such a long review about it, so I'll just leave it off with: This book gets 4 stars from me. Review for Driven by Love, part 2 of Leandro and Bobby's story to come out real soon.


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