MTM Day 17: REVIEW of Driven by Love by Marian Tee

Heart Racer, book 1 of the Heart Racer series, ended on a cliffhanger, and a sad one at that. If you haven't read said book yet, this review will give away some things. If you don't mind it though, then great! Read on.  So malibitch barbie was basically the  reason why Leandro and Bobby's relationship crumbled to nothing, leaving them extremely hurt with one of them being remorseful. I'll let you guess which is which.

Title: Driven by Love (Heart Racer #2)
Author: Marian Tee
Publication Date: March 28, 2014
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Source: Bought

One year has passed since Leandro Christopoulos and Bobby Granger have last seen each other. Unhealed wounds have forced them to change, but one thing remains the same – the explosive chemistry between them.

Leandro is determined to recapture Bobby’s heart, but making her fall in love with him again may be impossible when he finds out that she already belongs to another man…and he also happens to be Leandro’s greatest rival.

An ordinary man would have given up in face of Bobby’s aversion, but not Leandro. Bobby is the only woman Leandro will ever love – and if blackmail is the only way to have her back in his life…then so be it.
Leandro Christopoulos is now a better guy, thanks to a slice of humble pie he was handed. He now knows for sure that he loves our heroine and will do everything in his power to have her back. 
Bobby Granger is even more snarky and borderline bitch-y. She played games with Leandro, ones that she shouldn't have done no matter how hurt she was. 

The tables have turned, and the tune has changed. Everyone who's read the first installment in this series knows how much Bobby has been hurt. But, with the things she did and said to Leandro, she lost me on her side. So what did I love about this book? Leandro. His character grew to be a more loveable man. The things he did and had to endure just to have Bobby back in his life makes women all over the world want to be her.

The dialogue was entertaining and the banter they have is really funny. Their frustration which each other, all the pent up tension, and the love they both feel comes out in very interesting moments, which I'm more than happy to read and enjoy. Another thing, or reason rather, why I adored this book comes in the form of a good-looking and charming man named Sebastian. He helped Granger let go of her bitchiness for a few seconds and made her realize that she still truly loves Leandro, and that she has to move past the -- well, past -- in order for them to have a happily-ever-after. 

Bobby was just a tad too much in this installment. I won't explain any further since what I mean is already pretty obvious in my earlier statements. So I'll just leave it at that.

Another 4 stars for Driven by Love by no other than New York Times and USA Today best selling author Marian Tee. I would recommend that this be read, especially since we'll be continuing on to a new pair in Swish, the third installment in this series. Let me tell you, the road up ahead will be full of pain, heartbreak, love, and just pure AMAZINGNESS.


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