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When I read the blurb of Beach Man, my interest was instantly piqued. I normally don't make assumptions about how much I'll like (or dislike) a book because I think it's unfair for me and the author -- but mostly me *shrugs* -- if the story didn't measure up to my expectations. So I tried to "forget" that my reading copy is waiting patiently in my e-reader, until I HAD to read it, which was a couple of days ago. Did I like it or did I not? Was the synopsis misleading? Was the story line and the characters engaging? You'll find out in a little bit.

Title: Beach Man (The Scorpio Beach Series Book 1)
Author: Annabel Foxx
Genre:  Sexy Contemporary Romance; Steamy romance
Publication Date: March 30, 2015

Kim is a former dancer, who feels trapped in a loveless marriage to a jealous wealthy older man. He blames her for crippling him in an auto accident that he himself caused. They live in a gorgeous beach house in the town of Scorpio Beach, an up-and-coming beach town on Long Island.

Kim strives to make the marriage work, despite her husband’s blame, verbal abuse and bitterness.

During a heat wave, Kim meets a wickedly handsome man on the beach. She fights not to want him, not to want a new life and not to fall in love. But Derek is seductive and irresistible—a former soldier who recently comes to town to start a landscaping business. Kim falls hard for him, and he becomes addicted to her.

Although Kim wants a divorce, her husband finds out about their affair, and devises a plot to destroy them both. They must struggle to survive a web of lies, deceit, and dangerous passion.*

*(Due to adult themes and sexual content, this book is recommended for mature readers.)
Kim Maxwell is a beautiful, young woman who is madly in love with her husband who is twice her age. She's passionate, caring, hopeful, and a masochist. Even though she feels like she's in jail for a crime she didn't commit, she still stays with Ben in hopes that they could go back to how things were before all the messed-up things happened. She didn't expect to meet our hero and feel so strongly and deeply towards him. 
Derek Gray is a tough, goal-oriented, ambitious, and passionate man. He's ex-military who wishes to succeed in his landscaping business, enemies be damned. He doesn't let women get in the way of his dreams, especially since he doubt they can be truly trusted. But then he meets the enigma which is Kim, and all his plans go out the window.

I read the entire thing in more or less 3 hours. That should tell you a lot already, but in the name of clarity, it's because I loved it...a lot. The synopsis was actually spot on. It does not mislead readers, and to be honest, it's actually too revealing. I mean, surprise us with the story, am I right? *looks for approval* Going back, I don't think I've read another novel with similar plot or depth, and that's always a great thing. Let me break things down real quick: 

The characters: They are complex, quite unpredictable, and you will feel strongly about them; you'll either like them, hate them, or just not care about all. Derek is confident and loves "hunting" our female lead, Kim is both strong and weak but gives herself freely to Derek. Ben is totally hateable, but at the beginning I saw what Kim loved about him making it easy to understand why she can't just leave him. Everyone in this book is guilty of something, and almost no one has a clean conscience. 

The story: It's interesting. It doesn't just circle around two people attracted to each other who plays cat and mouse, it's much deeper than that; Beach Man tackles a subject that we are all too familiar with -- unhappiness in marriage and infidelity. Can anybody say real talk? 

The plot: I gotta say, it is truly twisted. I did not see it escalating to such heights. We know Ben was going to do something to hurt Kim and Derek, we all read the blurb right? But I did not anticipate that he would go to such great lengths just so he can make Kim suffer. I'm not sure if anybody actually does these things in real life, but I also know that nothing is impossible to a man with wealth, power, and anger. Just to be clear, for all the crazies out there (and I say that in a non-offensive manner, because I am somewhat one) do not use this book as inspiration just in case you want to do something wrong, capiche? 

The sex: Whew!! I want Derek in my NOW. He is hot, hot, hot! I don't need to say anything else...just, DAAAMMMNNN!

I feel like Derek's change was too drastic. One minute he's running cars off the road (in his defense, it was self-defense) thinking about his time in Afghanistan, then the next he's doing everything for Kim. There weren't any reflections as to why he suddenly wanted to risk everything for her, and I think there's a pretty big question mark in there. 

The thing that bothered me the most though, is the court proceedings. I'm no expert, and I'm not quite familiar with what truly happens inside a courtroom, but there were certain parts there -- questions asked by Maggie (she's a lawyer and you'll know more about here once you read the book) that I found completely pertinent to the case, but was ruled out by the judge saying that it was not. I just didn't get it. Weird.

Okie dokie, so I give Beach Man 4.5 stars. It's definitely an interesting read, one that I would recommend you pick up when you're on the beach. Why the beach you ask? Well, it's nice to fantasize about a wonderful-looking man suddenly coming up to you while you're reading a very aptly titled book.
I love to read and write novels.  I'm also a loner, who loves to drink copious amounts of coffee--and I won't turn down a good bourbon if it's offered by a handsome man... or indeed, by any kind and generous man.
I'm a Scorpio, and I love the beach.  I have a background in graphic design and creative writing.  My mother kept diaries and wrote short stories about Christmas, old lovers and travel.
My cat, Count Elvis, loves cognac and Pop Tarts.

Reading on the beach is one of the great delights of life.  Sun, sea and sand.  Ahhh... and then I pick up a book and dive into a story.   I love everything gold: golden tans, golden hair, golden sunsets and golden earrings.  

My husband, Dane, is a diver and sun worshiper. 




  1. Hey Ara: Thanks for the insightful review of BEACH MAN! Love your writing and the website. All the best,

    1. Aww. Thanks so much Annabel. And I really did like the book. I look forward to reading the following installments in the series, as well as more of your work. :D

  2. Great review, thanks for hosting!


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