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We all love a good cliffhanger, right? Keeps us on edge. It's like dangling a deliciously rich swiss chocolate in front of your mouth but denying yourself the pleasure. 
It gets frustrating for sure, especially if it's really good. I've compiled a list of books with frustratingly great cliffhangers I've personally read. Here they are: 
(Note: this post will contain spoilers. Consider yourself warned.)

>>> Ruthless People (Ruthless People #1) by J.J. McAvoy <<<

The Cliffhanger: After getting their revenge on the people who wronged them, Mel and Liam find out that the person who wants them gone is no other than Mel's mother...who is supposed to be dead.
The Cliffhanger: Mel calls Liam in the middle of the night, telling him that she won't be returning -- yet. Liam goes to jail because of false accusation pertaining to Mel's death.

>>> Swish (Heart Racer #3) by Marian Tee <<<

The Cliffhanger: To prove herself worthy of Helios, MJ tries to conquer her fear of motorcycles by riding one...on a slope. She lands very bad, gets rushed in a hospital and wakes up declaring that she has given up on him...on them.
The Cliffhanger: Because Damen thought that Mairi was cheating on him, he made her leave his house and his life, but not without thoroughly hurting her with his words first. He found out the truth, but by then it was too late. She was already gone, and there was no way he can find her.
>>> Professor Cline Revealed (Professor #1) by J.M. La Rocca <<<
The Cliffhanger: After a passionate night with Emma, Mason woke up from a nightmare in cold sweat. So he did wha he does at times like these. But Emma saw him, and in an attempt of self-preservation, he runs her off breaking her heart and losing himself in the process.


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