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My review for the first and second part of the DataMatch series were pretty neutral. I gave both of them a three, and so going into the third and last installment of said series, I gotta say that I didn't expect much from it. I guess not expecting worked because I loved this book! Getting Mr. Lucky is, for me, the best one among the three.

Title:  Getting Mr. Lucky (DataMatch Series #3)
Author: Kary Rader
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Source: ARC given by Author

No-nonsense Lucy Furey is a corporate contract attorney used to tight negotiations, at least on paper, but when her new hotshot partner Lucas Luck wants to negotiate his way into her heart, it leaves her wondering if she’s being hoodwinked, or could she really be getting Mr. Lucky?

Lucy Furey is an insecure woman who hides behind shapeless clothing and a cold exterior to a select few -- meaning Luke --. She's a smart woman who, for a lawyer, is soft. She believes that Luck is only after the chase and once she gives in, it's endgame.

Luke Luck has everything going for him: smart, charesmatic, drop-dead gorgeous, and he's lucky. He's lucky in gambling and also women. But he's felt something for Lucy since the first time he laid eyes on her. He just wants to show it.
First thing I loved about this book is the characters. They were more engaging and the chemistry between them more potent. Naughtiness was also present unlike in the first two parts. Most chapters, the story was told from Luke's point-of-view. This approach has always appealed to me (and I believe I've said it before). It gives readers, who want a break from listening to the girl's thoughts, a look into a guy's psyche. 

I still felt like the series ended on a cliffhanger. Not a major one, but I felt like there's no certainty on what the future holds for the couples in Kissing Mr. Scrooge and Seducing Dr. Cupid. Maybe an Epilogue can be done in the near future? Ms. Rader? What do you think? *smiles*

4 stars for this quick and witty read. A good conclusion to the DataMatch series. I say "good" not "great" because I'm still hanging on to my hope for another ending..
Kary Rader is a part-time Twitter sage, stay-at-home mother of three, and slave to the characters and worlds inside her head. Always creative, she's drawn to stories with fantastical worlds and creatures. With a little bit of magic and divine guidance, there isn't anything that can't be accomplished with words. 

It's the power of words that creates and destroys. Vanquishing evil and injustice while finding eternal love in the process is all in a day's work.

With the help of her critique partners and master cartographer imaginary places come to life.

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