Voluptious and Vivacious #AtoZChallenge

We can admit that, more often than not women in romance books are described like this: slim figure with just the right curves, pert breasts, tight ass, and long and shapely legs. 

As much as I love these characters -- and their respective partners -- there are moments when I can't help but ask myself, "Do I really have to be physically perfect to get a guy like this?" (We all know the definition of "this" guy, I'm sure.) It's a completely valid thought. That's why books with BBW or Big Beautiful Woman are a hit. Here's a list of some of the best BBW romance books:

>>> Night Play (Were-Hunter #1) by Sherrilyn Kenyon <<<
>>> Beast by Pepper Pace <<<
>>> The Lawson Boys: Marty (The Lawson Boys #2) by Angela Verdenius <<<

>>> On the Plus Side (Chubby Girl Chronicles #1) by Tabatha Vargo

And a bonus...

>>> Triple X by Christine Zolendz and Angelisa Stone <<<

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