Please? #AtoZChallenge

This one word holds so much power in a world of alpha men. Tell me I'm wrong. For some reason this plea has the ability to break a man's reserve. It makes them lose all control and just...give in. 

I wonder though, does it have the same effect with men in real life, or is it just an exaggeration in the books? For dramatic effect probably?

For women though, I guess "please" also has a strong effect -- in a completely different context though. Like when somebody asks us for a favor and says please, add in a bit of puppy dog eyes and we're goners. I know I get victimized by this A LOT. I sometimes feel like my mental and emotional health is not ready to say "No" when this combination is thrown my way. It's ridiculous! 

Going back to original question though, does this word have the same result with you or your partner as it does on the books you've read before. You know what I'm talking about. The one with the kissing, and the groping, then the begging. *wink*

I would love some input. Thanks in advance!!

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