Ice Ice Baby #AtoZChallenge

I've been pretty fond of making a list of books lately, so I figured, "Why break a good thing?"

For readers who are into romantic genres, I'm sure you have, at one point, encountered men in books who refuses to have (I really mean "have" and not "show") emotions. They don't let women in, and they stick to what they do best...fuc**ng them. 

Today, we'll be jotting down the names of some hot men with cold hearts, and the reasons why they are how they are. 

>>> Christian Grey in 50 Shades of Grey (trilogy) by E.L. James

What better way to start off the list than with the coldest man we are all familiar with? 
~~ He's had a really rough childhood before being adopted by the Grey's. Growing up he got into the world of BDSM as a submissive by one Mrs. Robinson (not her real name).

>>> Caleb in Captive in the Dark by C.J. Roberts

This book has had a lot of mixed reaction from people because of its extremely dark nature.
~~ He was a victim of human trafficking when he was a child. All he wants is revenge and he will do everything to get it. 

>>> Rathe Wellesley in How Not to be Seduced by Dukes by Marian Tee

~~ Ever since he was a child he has been taunted by people who calls his father a "pedophile". He wants to do everything to not have history repeat itself.

>>> Ephraim Williams in Tall, Dark, & Lonely by R.L. Matthewson

~~ He's not exactly human. That pretty much explains everything.

>>> Brandon Hastings in The Ex Games (trilogy) by J.S. Cooper and Helen Cooper

~~ He was betrayed. That caused some serious damage, but he still fell in love with our heroine. But then he found out she was lying to him the whole time, and things changed. He changed.

There we go! A handful of broken, albeit hot, men that makes us want to thaw their ice-cold hearts. Enjoy!



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