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Hey fellow booksnakes! We have another first here on The Booksnake Etc. Like my latest book review, Death Grip by Author and Screenwriter Tracy Sherwood, Chemical Attraction’s genre is also something I don’t get to read very often – or not at all. But I am very glad I did.
Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect when I agreed to do a review of this book, because I have yet to set a “standard” for this genre.  Let’s just say that I found my “reading journey” of this book…very interesting.
Note: If you get squeamish when reading graphic deaths, or against animal cruelty and death, then this book may not be for you. (Or you can just skip those parts so you can still read it.)

Title: Chemical Attraction
Author: Christina Thompson
Genre: Thriller with Romance
Published Date:  August 28, 2012 (Goodreads)
Source: ARC Given by Author

FBI Agent Joe Roberts wants that instant chemistry like his sisters, Eva and Taylor, have with their husbands. After years of searching, he’s ready to give up on that romantic notion. Then, he meets Madeline. The problem is she’s his contact on this dangerous case.
Dr. Madeline Pierce works in nanotechnology research. When she discovers a criminal network within her medical facility, she’s partnered with Joe. Throughout the investigation into the production and distribution of illegal drugs, Joe and Madeline struggle to stay professional despite their intense attraction to each other. She wants to trust his sweet words but wonders if she’s just a fling.
Police Chief Matt Connor adores his wife, Eva, and works hard to keep his family and rural town safe. When farm animals become violent and meth labs become abundant, his calm demeanor is tested. Eva Connor, a petite spitfire, has an opinion on everything and you know it whether you want to or not. However, her confidence is shaken when she’s used as leverage against Matt’s inquiries. With this case now personal for Matt and Joe, they will do whatever’s necessary to protect the women they love. As the ensemble hunts for this new bio-weapon, the dangers intensify putting their lives at greater risk.
These intertwining relationships must transform into stronger bonds if they want to win against this horrific threat. Love should trump evil, but will their love for each other survive these tests without severe repercussions?

“Depending on how long this has been going on, we’re talking about millions if not billions of dollars.” Joe stood and paced at the foot of his bed in the Blue Room at the B & B. “Well, the proof would be with materials management, right?”
Leaning against his headboard, Madeline nodded. “They would have the master supply list and shipping manifests. Getting those would be a start. The supply list would show the bulk chemicals ordered and the manifest would show the delivery of those actual items.”
“What’s their security like?” he asked, impressed by her knowledge and instincts.
She reached for her iced tea with her left hand and used her right to wipe the condensed wetness off the tabletop. She took a mouthful, swallowed, and sighed. “They have cameras all over the place. The front desk has four screens that they flip through to any area, but security has a room with monitors for every camera.”
He continued to walk the six steps from one side of the room to the other. “They have cameras in materials management?”
“That department has three. If it weren’t for the cameras, I’d walk down there and make copies of the lists. They hang on a clipboard out in the open. There’s even a copier in an alcove next to it,” she said, crunching her ice.
“Where are the cameras placed?” he asked, clenching his jaw at her distractions.
She grinned. “One picks up the clipboard and the hallway. There’s one at the gated door, overlooking the supply room, and the other is directly across from the copier. I have no idea how to get to it by myself.”
He looked at everything in the room, but Madeline stretched out on his bed. He struggled against temptation. “A lot of people work in that area?”
“Four guys are in and out of the department throughout the day except for lunch. Between noon and one, they eat in the cafeteria and leer at women.”
He moved the blue lace curtain to the side and looked at the empty street. In the window’s reflection, he watched Madeline position herself across the bed onto her abdomen. She bent her knees, putting her feet in the air. He turned back around as she propped her head on her hands. He kicked his shoe across the room and watched it thump into the door. Frustrated, he plopped into the chair, folded his arms, and stared at her.
“Why are you doing that?” he finally asked.

She smiled. “Are you mad at me? Your body language says you are.”
“You want fun, huh?” She squealed as he leapt across the bed toward her. When she tried to roll away, he pinned her beneath him. As he hovered over her, he gently moved a strand of her hair away from her face. “I told you. You are too damn tempting.”
Lowering his head, he kissed her. The bolt of lightning shot through him again and, God, he liked it. She squeezed his biceps, making him instantly hard. Her kisses seared his lips. He was definitely playing with fire. As he slowly lowered his body, they heard pounding on the ceiling.
“I better go,” Madeline whispered as she tried to catch her breath.
Suddenly aware of his position, he scrambled to get up. “God, I’m sorry. I’ll walk you home.”
Damn, how could he be so irresponsible? He had worked with many women over the years and had always kept it strictly professional. Now, he was compromising not only his mission and career but her life as well.

Joe Roberts is a laid-back kind of guy. He’s the cool uncle, and the charming boy-next-door. But he’s also a wonderful FBI field agent. He’s not afraid of commitments and relationships…he just wished he didn’t have to find the woman for him during the most dangerous mission of his life.
Madeline Pierce is a strong, smart, and independent woman who works for (although she denies it) a government agency. She was in an abusive relationship, but she survived with the help of said organization. However, her fears are stopping her from giving her heart to the only man who would take care of it.
Matt Connor is a spectacular cop and an even greater father. He came to be one at a very young age, but he never regretted. Not once. His family is always his first priority and his people second.  
Eva Connor is the epitome of small but terrible. She’s petite but she can intimidate people like nobody’s business. She’s compassionate and caring, which causes people to like her instantly…with a few exceptions.

A few chapters in the book, I knew that the author had some sort of background with Science (I haven’t read her bio yet during this time). Her very detailed descriptions of things that had to do with the lab, the tests, and the drugs were pretty much a dead giveaway. I liked this because I got tidbits of information that I didn’t know about before, and for that Ms. Thompson, Thank You.
This is the kind of book I can easily see as a movie. The plot was great, the twists were truly surprising, and the story flow is very unpredictable. You don’t know who’ll die next, how they will die, or if they will die at all. I think that’s one of the things that make a good book -- its ability to keep its readers guessing which way it will go.
I’ve always been a sucker for romantic stuff, so the love formed between Joe and Madeline made me all giddy. They make a wonderful team, and a beautiful couple. I also believe Eva and Matt’s marriage got even stronger because of the challenges they faced and conquered.

Personally, this is just something I noted that might need some work on. The story flow, like I said earlier, was awesome. The scenes however…there were times I found myself saying -- “Oh. That happened.” -- and not in a good way. I felt like there were missing scenes or if I’m going to be 100% honest about it, it seems like the scientific stuff has been described more effectively than what’s going on in general. Am I confusing? I feel like I am. I really have no clear way of explaining this, so I’ll just leave it up to you guys. *smiles*

Overall I liked Chemical Attraction a lot, and I vote that this gets adapted for a movie. This has been a wonderful first time for me, so I would give it 4 stars. I’m going to pick up the sequel to this titled, “Chemical Reaction”, as soon as I finish writing this. Hope this review made sense!
Christina Thompson enjoys writing about the physical science, the emotional workings of our mind and heart, and the spiritual energy that taps into our passions.

Her degree in biology from Nazareth College in Kalamazoo gave her a love of science and a background into the physical realm of the body. Her diploma in Traditional Chinese acupuncture from Midwest College of Oriental Medicine taught her that the mind and spirit affect the body in powerful ways.

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  3. Wow! Thank you for the wonderful review. Your support means so much to me. I appreciate the kind words.

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