Hi booksnakes!! I have something really special for you guys. I know we have Marian Tee Mania going on, but this event is something that has been planned out even before MTM started. Please don’t hate me because I promise you guys this is SO worth it, and there’s a chance that you’ll be one of 5 winners of a signed paperback of Cement Heart and a $50 Amazon gift card. 
I have been given an ARC by our lovely author and her team as part of their blog tour, and admittedly I read it pretty late because of some personal stuff. So in true booksnake fashion, I read the entire thing in 4 hours to make sure I have my review up and running. Let me tell you, it wasn’t a hardship at all. 

Title: Cement Heart
Author: Beth Ehemann
Genre: Romance, Sports & Games, Contemporary
Publication Date: March 15, 2015
Source: ARC Given by Author
Tour Organized by: The Book Avenue

I have reviewed a couple of Best Selling Author Beth Ehemann’s work before, Room for You and Room for More. These two books (and another one titled Room for Just a Little Bit More) are about Brody and Kacie. It’s a wonderful love story, but more than that, there was a character introduced there named Viper – the man with a Cement Heart
NOTE: There will be spoilers!! Because that is how I roll. *wink*
Lawrence Finkle, known simply to his die-hard Minnesota Wild fans as Viper, isn’t used to hearing the word no. He lives his whole life just a little on the reckless side. After all, life is just one big game, right?
When what was supposed to be an innocent bet goes horribly wrong, he’s left to deal with the aftermath—and the guilt. In an effort to make things right the best way he can, he ends up falling for the one person on the planet he never should have.
The old saying goes that two wrongs don’t make a right . . . or do they?
Lawrence Finkle a.k.a. Viper is a man-whore. There’s no other word for it! (Sorry Beth *awkward laugh*) He screws everything that walks, and sometimes even two at a time. He’s the guy that has nothing to live (or die) for. He genuinely believes that if he’s gone, nobody would even care. He deeply cares for a very few people only, so when he lost a friend – a brother – he loses himself. 
Let me begin by saying that I DID NOT expect where this story was heading – at all! Originally I thought that this story would be about Viper and Darla, because they have been hooking up in Room for More…but I was wrong. I would say that I hated that, but honestly, I didn’t. 
In general, I loved how very unpredictable this book is. Whatever expectations you have when you start reading it, will be completely shattered when you continue. I know because I have never been so wrong in my entire life when I assumed I knew what this book was about. 
This book made me realize how completely unexpected life is – or how it ends. One minute you’re laughing and not giving a damn, and the next, POOF! Everything has changed. You lose someone, and in the process, you lose yourself. That’s what happened with Viper. 
This is kind of ironic for me, but Viper didn’t have a lot of sexual thoughts towards Michelle – which you’ll get to know once you read the book. There are two reasons why I was a bit taken aback by this. First, he is a hornball and that is not a secret. You would assume that if he’s digging someone, he’ll have very explicit thoughts. Second, most romance novels would have a lot of mushy details. Like, “I felt my heart racing when she opened the door.” But there weren’t a lot of that here, which I liked very much because it was VERY realistic. I mean, a guy like our leading man wouldn’t have such sweet thoughts. It’s just not him. So I liked how Beth didn’t suddenly make him a heart and roses kind of guy overnight.
Their team didn’t make the playoffs? Bummer! *sad face* Kidding. I didn’t really have any bleh moments. It’s possible that because I was trying to finish it as fast as I could I didn’t really have the chance to dwell on the “negatives”. 
So overall I loved this book. In my own opinion though, I think this should be the last installment in the series. It’s already a good ending, and it still leaves a lot of things to the imagination. So obviously this is “TO-READ”, and I give this a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Now without further ado, like I promised, there are certain people who’ll be lucky enough to win prices. YAY!! (Though I am not one of them *sad*)

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Room for You:
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Beth Ehemann lives in the northern suburbs of Chicago with her husband and four children. When she's not sitting in front of her computer writing, or on Pinterest, she loves reading, photography, martinis and all things Chicago Cubs. She's represented by Jessica Watterson of the Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency.

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