MTM Day 2: REVIEW of Courted by Marian Tee

Day 2 of Marian Tee Mania. So yesterday I reviewed How Not To Be Seduced By Billionaires (it's just too long) #1 titled Chased. Now we are on the 2nd part of Constantijin Kastein and Yanna Everleigh's story, and it is titled "Courted"

Title: Courted (How Not to be Seduced by Billionaires #2)
Author: Marian Tee
Genre: Romance, Contemporary

24-year-old Yanna Everleigh doesn't want to fall for her CEO boss, Constantijin Kastein. But when she ends up in love with him anyway, she's going to try her best to make him realize that love isn't all that bad.
There we have it. A really short excerpt that really doesn't give anything away. But that doesn't matter because I WILL be. This is probably a good time to say that this review will have loads of spoilers, so if you don't want to ruin the excitement of reading the book I'm pretty sure you already know what to do. Otherwise, please continue reading.

Book 1 ended on a pretty sour note. They were getting hot and heavy when suddenly a wicked bitch from the east called Constantijin offering sex, and Yanna heard it of course. But even though that already sucks, that's not why they parted ways. No, that was caused by Yanna's condition.

"Court me. Make me feel you want me – just me".

And that's where it all went ka-boom! They went their separate ways and he avoided her for 18 days. I didn't just come up with that number, nor did I manually compute (that's just expecting too much). It's right on the first paragraph of the second book. You won't miss it! 

From the title itself, I think it's safe to assume that Constantijin gave in and agreed to Yanna's condition. That is something to be happy about of course. But I just really loved how they were torturing themselves so much more! What do I mean? They came up with this rule that no one was supposed to know about the courting and their relationship...but then Constantijin gets crazy jealous over Drake and he'd end up doing something not so smart (I wanna avoid using the other "s" word). In return it would hurt Yanna and would cause a rift between them. It's a pattern on this book if you'd notice. 

This installment in the HNTBSBB series gave me lots of emotional whiplash. I teared up a bit when they had misunderstandings, swooned during their mushy and steamy scenes, and smacked my head on any available surface a few times when they were doing something stupid. 

And I just have to mention the intense lines. I love 'em! Here's a sample. 

“A good reason?” I echoed, a little confused about what that could be.

He didn’t answer.

Lifting my head up again, I gazed into his eyes, asking worriedly, “Constantijin?”

A grin – the secretive and wicked grin that I so loved – touched his lips as he said, “Like when you agree that I can fuck you anytime, anywhere, any way."

It's dirty yet effective. There are a lot more quote-worthy lines in the book, so you really need to read it.

She apologized when she slapped him. I mean, come on! You slapped him for a reason -- work it! 

I don't really have any negative comments about this book. And I'm not just saying that! I judge books pretty fairly. 

Of course I'll be giving this a "TO-READ" stamp because how effing sadistic would I be to make you read the first part of this but not the second?! 

So pick this book up everyone. I don't know if this is the updated price, but last time I checked it's $4.99 on Amazon. So I suggest you just get the bundle. I'm not sure if there's a paperback version of this, because I don't have one *grim face on*. I do hope to get some though *ehem*.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review, and please do share your thoughts about the book if you've read it, or once you're done reading it. 


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