Hello fellow bookworms!! 
Today is a wonderful day! Not that all the other days aren't wonderful, because they are! I believe that every day is a great day, because we are given another day to be with our loved ones. (...and the word of the day is...) But there's just something special about this specific Monday. 
"What is it", you ask? Well...ANOTHER BESTSELLING AUTHOR AGREED TO DO AN INTERVIEW WITH US!! (cue the confetti cannon)
Amazingly dark author of (mostly) erotic novels, Raine Storm, will be answering questions for The Booksnake Etc. He has written several books, and his first one being a psychological thriller titled "Hazel and Chained". 

Fans would say that he's the kind of writer that is simply unpredictable. He likes surprisinb his audience with the endings of his novels. He likes switching it up in terms of genre. But one of the things that his fans love him for, is the ability to keep the "shock factor" regardless of the kind of novel he's writing. 

I am excited for this interview, because he's the first male author that I will be interviewing. Alright, so I haven't really interviewed that many authors, but to be honest, I don't know that many male authors who ventures into this kind of writing. I will be thinking of good questions to ask him, but if anyone has any suggestions please do let me know. :)

(Screenshot of Raine Storm's tweet, agreeing to do the interview)

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