Great news fellow bookworms! Wonderfully talented authors Marian Tee and Beth Ehemann have both agreed to do interviews with yours truly!!!
I'm so excited, I might wet myself...but I will try my best not to. 
So...I'll probably post the interview with NY Times Bestselling Author Marian Tee first, then I'll post the one with Bestselling Author of Contemporary Romance Beth Ehemann as soon as I can.
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Some of their works:

Beth Ehemann is responsible for the bestselling series, The Cranberry Inn. 
It consists of three parts or books:
  • Room for You
  • Room for More
  • and Room for Just a Little Bit More
Marian Tee has written lots of books. But here are my favorites:
  • The Art of Catching a Greek Billionaire (1-5)
  • Heart Racer series (1-6)
  • and last but most certainly not the least The Pussketeers series
I strongly suggest ya'll buy or download these books. They're all must-reads.

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