MTM Day 6: REVIEW of The Art of Kissing A Greek Billionaire by Marian Tee

Yay! It's finally here! Greek 6, a continuation of Mairi and Damen Leventis' romance. Let me just clarify that this is NOT included in our MTM or Marian Tee Mania. This is simply a special review because Ms. Marian Tee provided me with an opportunity to review her newest released books. This is one of two of them, and she gave me ARCs. If you're wondering -- YES. I am bragging right now. *smirk*
NOTE: There may be a few spoilers.

Title: The The Art of Kissing A Greek Billionaire
Author: Marian Tee
Genre: Romance, Contemporary
24-year-old Mairi was once an old-fashioned hopeless romantic, a schoolteacher who flew all the way to Greece in hopes of finding her own Greek billionaire to fall in love with. 
She found it in Damen Leventis, a handsome billionaire who was alpha to the core. He was everything she had dreamed of...except for the fact that he didn't even know what love was. A lot of tears had to be shed, a lot of heartache had to be felt, before the billionaire finally realized love was what he felt for her. 
Now that they're married and with a baby in tow, Mairi thought it's all happily ever after until...that boy. And...that kiss.
I won't get much into the characters because I'll be reviewing books 1 through 5 still, so you'll get to know more about them. 
Damen Leventis is a Greek billionaire (the description couldn't get more vague than that). He didn't believe in love until he met our leading lady. He has done so much in the past that ended up hurting her. And now, event though they're married, he gets nightmares about losing his wife. 
Mairi is now a professor in Christopolous University. (If you're a Marian Tee fan you would know this place.) She now has a daughter with her dream man, and life couldn't get any better. But as soon as she thought that, a problem occurs. This problem is in the form of an Italian God (he's not a God, but -- read the book, please).
I loved that there's another book! Seriously. I mean, as someone who read all 5 Greek books, I figured that they were done. That's it. Goodbye. But no! NY Times and USA Today Best Selling Author Marian Tee decided to cook up another plot, and It. Was. Awesome. 
I was always curious as to what happened with Damen's mother, Esther Leventis. In this book, we now see her go down *evil laugh*. She's such a rotten person that it gives me great pleasure to see Damen strip her of everything she owns. 
There's a scene in which Mairi was confronted by Damen's ex-fiancee. Now, the old Mairi would've bowed her head and just take it all in. The new Mairi though did something that even had me cringing. She insulted back in way that put models that walk the runway to shame. Even I was a bit insulted if I were being honest. Not that I'm stick thin or anything, but I do have "negative AAA" cups, as Mrs. Leventis so graciously put it. But I love her so much that I am willing to ignore the pain. 
I also like how light this book is. The 5 preceding books are so heavy and emotional that there's a tendency you get an ulcer from being stressed out. I'm not joking! I seriously got heartburn from it. 
The thing with Leon sort of left me...confused. I guess I was expecting a bit more drama involving him and his claimed affection of Mairi. And after the talk he had with Mairi he was no longer mentioned. I'm guessing he'd have a story of his own? Eh. I think that'll be interesting. 
I loved this book and I'm sure other people would too. It's short but sweet. Loved the steamy scenes, by the way. Soooooo, there's no doubt about the two thumbs-up I'm going to give this.

Do pick up this book guys. It's currently NOT free on Amazon, but according to Ms. Tee, it will be. But if you could spare a couple of dollars for the greater good -- meaning your inner booksnake -- then go ahead and make the purchase now. 
I hope this has been helpful. Please let me know what you think. 


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