This disclaimer won't be technical or hard to understand; this is going to be straightforward and honest.

Anything and everything I've reviewed and will be reviewing will have a "SOURCE" line. There I will tell you if a product has been provided to me and by who, or if I bought it with my own hard-earned cash.

But me being given a product to review does not guarantee that I will say good things about it -- it doesn't even guarantee that I will write a review about that product at all. The ratings I give everything I review are honest and nonbiased. If I didn't like a product, I'll either give it one star or not write a review at all, if the owner wishes to not have negative reviews published.

What I'm saying is, everything I write -- that I said I liked -- I recommend to others. I won't recommend crappy products that have no sense at all just because it was given to me for free.

There's more info about that here.

My reviews and articles, and those written by others, are our own opinion. The reviews are objective only about 20-30% and is subjective the rest of the way. I won't force others to share the same beliefs, sentiments, or opinions, and I'd be happy to hear your thoughts on the comment section.

Also, the images you find here in The Booksnake Etc. are either given to me to use, taken or created by me, or taken from different sources. If I have used any of your images and have yet to credit you -- or if you simply want to have it taken down -- please feel free to let me know as soon as possible.
You can reach me here: thebooksnakeetc@gmail.com
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