Review of The Wolf of Kaliningrad by Sara Wylde

*Sigh* Lately, I find myself in situations where I have to read a book only to find myself thrust in the middle of an already progressing series. Just like The Wolf of Kaliningrad, which is apparently the third installment of the dubious series. Is this a standalone? Yeah it can be considered one I guess. But will it be good to read it as one? I wouldn't recommend it. Here's why.

Title: The Wolf of Kaliningrad
Author: Sara Wylde
Genre: Contemporary romance
Publisher: All Romance eBooks
Date of Publication:  May 1, 2016
ISBN: 978-1-943576-77-7
Word Count: 19k
Cover Artist: Erin Dameron Hill
Source: Copy Given by Tour Organizer


Lola Carter’s addict brother stole from the wrong man: the legendary Wolf of Kaliningrad, a scarred beast of a man who shows no pity and no mercy. When her brother is taken captive by the Wolf, Lola will do anything to save him. The Wolf offers to trade her life for her brother’s…if she’ll marry the monster.

Only this is no beauty and the beast tale. The Wolf is about to learn that Lola is a fierce adversary who can be just as beastly when it comes to saving herself and claiming something she wants more than anything else: her monster’s black heart.



Lola Carter a.k.a. Lola La Bang doesn't have much of anyone or anything--just an addict brother she's desperately trying to save and a paying job as a dancer in a strip club. But what she has an abundance of are bravery, intelligence, and hate--all of which are the traits of a formidable woman. However, a big turn of events changed her life in an instant, whether it's for the better or for the worse is yet to be determined.

Arkady Marek a.k.a. The Wolf of Kaliningrad in one word is a monster--both inside and out. Raised in a world filled with violence, greed, and power, he learned early on that if he wanted to have a better life, he needed to be at the top of the food chain and that he has to do everything in order to get there. He fears nothing while everybody else fear him. But when faced with the woman who sees him for something more, he realized that he is thrust in a battle he is not capable of fighting--the battle of the heart.


The Wolf of Kaliningrad is the beginning of Lola and Arkady's love story. However, it's obvious from the pace of the story and how the scenes unfold that I have already missed a lot in the story's entirety. I was seriously annoyed at how everyone seems to already know each other; character names were being dropped here and there, references were made about their pasts, and deep rooted problems are discussed ever so casually.

I was honestly having a hard time keeping up. I felt like I was someone looking through a house window while people were inside partying. It also doesn't help that the book ran at an incredibly fast pace--a pace so fast that I felt some scenes weren't done justice.

But inspite of all this negativity that I just spouted off, the book wasn't all that bad. The characters, mainly Lola and Arkady of course, were such interesting people that I was excited to see how they would interact with one another. They are two strong-willed people who both know what they want and will do anything to get them. Their driving forces may have been different in the beginning, but down the line their intentions were the same. The speed of which their romance have developed may have been hard to comprehend, but as long as I get a happily-ever-after, I'm good.

Another note-worthy thing about author Sara Wylde's book is the violence. I just recently finished reading a book series involving the Mob so I admit, I was still in the mood for a little ruthlessness. This didn't disappoint. Not that there were extravagant scenes where dozens of people died, but the couple of scenes that people's lives were taken the author managed to pull off in a tasteful manner. So a solid star for that.


The Wolf of Kanilingrad is a short but fast-paced read. It's a good book to pass the time, but I highly recommend that you read the first two installments in the entire series first so you'll find the story easier to comprehend and get lost in.



His suit was Valentino.

She could tell by the texture of the decadent fabric against her naked skin when he grabbed her from behind. The leather of the gloved hand across her mouth was finely made, butter-soft. Lola Carter didn’t even think of screaming. She knew who held her, and no amount of screaming, begging, or crying could save her now.

Nothing, except maybe the money she’d hidden in her dressing room.

“Do you know who I am?” His voice was rough, like great boulders grinding against each other.

She nodded her head as much as she was able. The man who held her, naked after her turn on stage at the Pink Lagoon, was the mighty Wolf of Kaliningrad. He was a stone cold killer with no heart, no mercy. His only god was power, and his communion was money.

Money her brother had stolen from him.

“Good.” His harsh whisper sent shivers down her spine. “I take my hand away from your mouth, you won’t scream.” He slowly removed his hand from her mouth.

She didn’t scream. Didn’t so much as breathe deeply. Lola knew her life was in his hands.

“Lo. Hey, Lo?” a voice called out. “You okay?”

She didn’t hesitate. “Everything’s fine. Just taking a break in my dressing room.”
“Dressing room.” A snort sounded. “Girl, you putting on airs.”

“It is my dressing room. It locks. I have the key. It’s mine. But I’ll give it to you when I move on to bigger and greener pastures,” she teased.

“Lola La Bang, moving on to better things than the Pink Lagoon? Girl, I know you will. If only so I get that dressing room. Don’t take too long,” Peaches Crème said as she peeked around the corner. “Oh, you busy. I see.” Peaches flashed her a grin and went out for her set on the stage.

“Dressing room. Now.”

She shivered again, suddenly hyperaware of the texture of his suit against her bare skin, the sound of his voice like a touch itself.

Christ, what was wrong with her? She was hot for this guy just because of the feel of his suit. No, if she was honest, it was the leather gloves. Her utter vulnerability—had to be the female version of a fear boner.

It just had to be.

Lola led him through the darkened hallways until they came to a couple of doors in the back. It wasn’t really a dressing room, it was more like a large closet she’d co-opted for herself. She didn’t have anywhere else to hide the money, so she’d made a big show of requiring a dressing room. With the money she brought in to the Pink Lagoon, Carl would let her do just about anything, as long as it made him money instead of costing him.

And her little closet she called a dressing room? Well, it didn’t cost him shit.

As soon as the door closed, she reached to turn on the light, but his gloved hand closed over hers.

“No lights.”


Sara Wylde is the crackfic contemporary pen name for PNR/UF author Saranna DeWylde. She rather imagines that all the pen names live in the same dorm in her head and frequently have discussions that look and sound something like an episode of Herman's Head. For more information on other books by Sara, visit her website:



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