Review of Her Love and Regrets by Chevelle Allen

I'm super unobservant at times. Why do I say this? I read the synopsis of this book and I've also seen the cover before I even agreed to review it. But for some twisted reason, I was shocked when I found out that this book discusses the sensuality of BDSM relationships. Don't get me wrong, I'm totally cool with this and thrilled to be honest, but it just caught me off guard. And now, while I'm writing this review, I just noticed -- because again, unobservant -- that the cover is a flogger. How did I miss that? What's even funnier is I tried to justify it by thinking, "Eh, it didn't say so in the blurb." So then I read the blurb again, and lo and behold, it says BDSM right there. Why am I even pointing this out to guys? No reason, really, other than the fact that this is probably one of the sexiest BDSM-laden booked I've read so far.

Title: Her Love and Regrets
Author: Chevelle Allen 
Genre: Erotic Romance
Publication Date: February 20, 2016
Source: Copy Given by Tour Organizer


As CEO of the Remington Foundation, Janine Powell is living her dream and making a difference. But an invitation to join old law school friends on a Belize getaway unleash memories of the man who forever changed how she viewed love, trust and the very meaning of intimacy. Choosing to confront her most intimate past, she agrees to join them knowing Michael Josey will be there.

Their chemistry is undeniable but emotional entanglements make their reunion anything but happily ever after. Janine soon discovers just how Dominant Michael’s become in their years apart as he takes her further into BDSM play. Freeing her mind and body becomes far easier than giving her heart—the one thing he wants most.


Let me put this out there, okay? I did not know that the main characters were African American until I was about 70 pages in. In fact, I had no clear picture of what the characters looked like because the author didn't really make that clear early on. 

Does it matter that Janine and Michael were black? Actually, it did for me. Now, I'm not being racist, okay? I'm Asian, so seriously. It's just that I suddenly had a hard time wrapping my mind around them doing BDSM things. With all the books I've read and videos I saw (whatever kind of videos you think those are, I would leave up to you), I've only ever seen Caucasians take part in them. Because in my mind, blacks didn't need those things due to the fact that they're already so "confident" and "smooth" in the sexuality department. I may be expressing this thought all wrong, but what I'm thinking has some merit, I think because even Janine herself said somewhere in the book that she didn't think African American people did BDSM. Again, nothing wrong with it; it just took me by surprise.

Onto the story of Her Love and Regrets. I didn't really find myself jumping in the story with both feet, eyes closed, and complete abandon. In fact, I had to read the first sex scene in the book--which is a flashback -- before I decided that I would continue reading and possible enjoying the story. So yeah, the sex scene was that effin' good. Actually, all the sex scenes were good. I have to admit, Michael is one very fine male specimen -- he's sexy, intelligent, kind-hearted, and sweet. He and Janine are indeed perfect for each other and complement one another. But some of their similarities, namely their drive to succeed in their chosen field, eventually became their downfall.

One of the things I liked most about the story of Her Love and Regrets in general is the sense of realism that it had going on. Janine and Michael both had different dreams and neither one of them wants to throw away what they so hardly worked on for a long time, meaning their degrees. So they eventually broke up and life carried on. Both Janine and Michael got into serious relationships, with Janine even marrying someone else but eventually divorcing him and Michael being in a serious relationship himself. However, despite them being apart for years and them being with other people in that time, they still have feelings for each other -- feelings that can't be put into words or explained to others easily. And that right there is real life. 

Most of us have all been in relationships that we thought would be forever -- those relationships may not have been perfect, but they're powerful and filled with passion. But then it ended, we've moved on, but at the back of our minds we still think from time-to-time, "What if?" And I think that's normal. When we've shared something strong and special with someone, we give a part of ourselves to that person. And no matter what happens, that piece stays with them forever. So in that respect, Her Love and Regrets is a relatable read for a lot of people.

I loved the "small family" in the story. The group of friends consisted of Janine, Michael, Kelly, Monica, Dave, and Jamal is what most kids would refer to as #SquadGoals. No matter how long they haven't seen each other, how far they live from one another, or whatever changes they're all going through in life, their friendship never changed. And the reunion they had after 7 years is what jumpstarted everything in Janine's life, and at the back of her head, she knew that that would happen.

What else can I say without giving much away? Again, sex is super hot, like super hot. Janine and Michael tries to start a new chapter again, there are a lot of tough choices that are made, and there are so much more that lies ahead for their deep and tantalizing story.


Her Love and Regrets is author Chevelle Allen's debut novel which is the first in a trilogy. Now, I know for a fact that I will be reading the following two instalments because I have to know what lies ahead for Janine and Michael. A relationship that powerful can either shine bright forever or it can get too hot, blow up, and leave them picking up pieces of their broken selves. This has been a wonderful read for me, and I do recommend this book to other readers out there who don't shy away from the subject matter of anything BDSM.




Chevelle Allen is the pen name of an exciting new author whose professional background includes writing for Emmy Award winning television. Unleashing her alter ego, Chevelle creates vivid characters and compelling narratives that leave you engaged, blushing and begging for more. Her Love and Regrets is the first novel of her completed trilogy which includes His Pleasures and Pain and Their Now and Forever – all scheduled for release by June 2016.


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