Review of Hit 'N Run by Lori Power

Before I start my actual review, I'd just like to say that this book turned out to be such a riveting and exciting journey. Just basing from the synopsis, you'd know that this isn't your everyday, cavity-inducing romance book. Hit 'N Run is in a league of its own, and I'm going to stop gushing now or I might spoil it for ya'll. Here we go...

Title: Hit 'N Run (Under Suspicion Book 1)
Author: Lori Power
Publication Date: August 11, 2015
Published by: Limitless Publishing LLC.
Source: ARC Given by Author


Determined to build a better life, Lorna has climbed the ladder to a successful public relations career one slippery rung at a time. But while on her way to an important meeting, a former lover crashes back into her life—literally—and she becomes embroiled in a police investigation that threatens everything she’s achieved.

Mitch Morgan doesn’t believe in coincidences.

Mitch has spent five years trying to forget Lorna, only to run into her on his way to an undercover sting operation. Old feelings quickly resurface and passion reignites, but as his investigation unfolds, evidence suggests the woman he’s falling for might have ties to the very criminals he’s after.

When Mitch tugs any thread of his investigation, it seems to lead back to Lorna. Caught between his desire for the strong, curious beauty and the growing suspicions of his superiors, he must choose between trusting his instincts and following regulations.

Lorna finds herself entangled in a web of betrayal.

When she learns the nature of the investigation—and her role as a suspected spy—Lorna goes to dangerous lengths to clear her name and prove to everyone, including herself, she’s worthy of the handsome, tenacious Mitch. With danger around every corner, Lorna is on the run for her life, but refuses to run from the past any longer.

She can find the evidence she needs, but at what cost?

Mitch now knows her secrets and must find her first and convince her she—and their love—are worth fighting for, before it’s too late.


Lorna is a tough, intelligent, and independent woman with such a huge heart. Despite everything she went through when she was a child, she still managed to grow into the kind of person she's always wanted to be. But she's also not content just yet. A part of her is still yearning for something more; the only person who can give her that contentment though was also the one who broke her heart.

Mitch knows heartbreak. For years he tried to deal with the emptiness he felt after the only girl he's ever loved walked away with no reason or goodbye. The only thing he's passionate about now is his career. But that changes when he literally runs into his former flame; passion and hope arises stronger than ever. Hopefully that's enough to withstand everything life will throw their way.


This is the second book of author Lori Power I've read, and I have to say, I'm truly enjoying her work. If we look at Hit 'N Run from a techical standpoint, it is well-written. The dialogue is easy to understand, the scene and setting well described, and the book's length was just right. Delving into the story, both characters are strong and made for an interesting chemistry. I didn't like the way they reconnected though. For years they've been apart because of one very little misunderstanding. Now they get together again, and in just one night they're already trusting each other again? I mean that's great and all, but I thought there will be more resistance.

Hit 'N Run doesn't just focus on romance though. Underneath all the love and pain lies a threat that can end their relationship before it can even bloom again. There may be some people who will find the action to be confusing and complicated, but I thoroughly enjoy romance books with a little something extra, you know what I mean? That's what Lori gives us. Strong characters with a never-say-die attitude, a solid plot that has a lot of layers, and a somewhat realistic romance that readers would yearn for.


I was given this book by the author herself, but that doesn't mean my review is biased for the sake of promotion. I don't do that. I call things how I see them, and right here I see a book that will keep readers on edge, but will leave them wanting more. I give it a solid 4 stars, and I can't wait for the second part in the series.



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Turning passion into words in print is a dream come true for Lori Power.

From Radio host (best job ever!), DJ, news reporter to newspaper journalist, like many author’s, Lori has been involved in the writing process most of her life.

In writing, Lori has discovered a truism: everyone has a great story to tell. All you need to do is listen. Over the years, with all the people Lori has meet previously and daily, both professionally and personally, with an ear to the ground, readers can often find these ‘character’s’ fictionalized.

Lori’s first novel “Storms of Passion” was published by Wild Rose Press under their Champagne line, in 2014.

Collaboration is important to improving one’s craft and as such, Lori is an active member of the TransCanada Romance Writers, Romance Writers of America, The Alberta Romance Writers Association and belongs to both a Critiquing group and a Beta Reading weekly group.

Lori looks forward to continuing to find the good story; hashing out a scene, having fun with a character and writing the story she would love to read.



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