Swag, Swag, and A Whole Lot of Swag!!

While I was at work the other day, a man who apparently works for the postal service came to my house to tell me (my fiancee actually since I wasn't home) that I need to pick something up from the post office. It's such a curious thing since I wasn't expecting anything. Earlier today, (1pm Philippine time) I went and got the package. Wondering what it was? This!

I was sent a "swag pack" and a paperback copy of Mind Over Bullies by D.K. Smith and published by Khamicom Publishing!! This may not be a huge deal to most people, but let me clarify that I am in the Philippines. The package came from halfway across the world -- from LA, California to be exact. I never would've thought this was possible. But here we are, rocking our MOB bands.

Thanks so much for this wonderful surprise Khamicom Publishing, James Brackens, and D.K. Smith. I support the awareness you're trying to raise 120% and I hope thousands of people join us in this cause. 

#SayNoToBullying #MindOverBullies



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