Guest Blog by Denise of I am Shelfless -- "Bookworm, Blogger, and College Student"

Like what Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez's song said, "It's the start of something new..." The Booksnake Etc. is proud to present a new guest blogging segment titled, "Bookworm, Blogger, and Something Else" like what's written above...on the banner.

We'll get to meet bloggers as well as know some other side of them...the side that faces the real world. We get to find out what they do during the day and how they balance everything out to make time for reading and blogging.
Our first blood -- GUEST -- our first guest, is Denise from I Am Shelfless, and like me she's from the Philippines. Let's find out more about her right now.
1. What's your name, nickname, and blog's name?
Hi Ara and Ara’s lovely readers! I’m Denise, a book blogger at I am Shelfless. I don’t have a nickname, but you can call me whatever you like that suits your fancy! 
2. What do you do? (Working, student, serial killer. Please be as specific as possible. ^_^)
I’m currently a college student taking up a degree in Travel Management. On weekends, I am a librarian (I wish!) –stacking and organizing my books anywhere because I’m perennially shelf-less.
3. What got you into blogging and how long have you been doing it?
I got into blogging when I was gushing out to some friends about a book I have been reading. That time I realized that I wanted to voice out my love for books and I think they are getting annoyed with me because all I talk about is books! Hence, my blog was made. I am fairly new to the book blogging community and I have been blogging for 41 days to be exact.
4. How do you balance your personal/professional life, reading, and blogging?
I try to finish all my school work early so I’ll have more time for reading and blogging. If I don’t have time to read at home, I sneak in reading in between lectures!
5. Is there anything you'd like to add or say? 
I like talking to anyone so please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.
Thank you for having me, Ara!! God bless! <3 <3

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