MTM Day 20: REVIEW of Click by Marian Tee

Click is one of those books that I cannot and will not forget..EVER. On my review of Burn, I did warn readers that your tissue box will come handy. What would you expect in Click? Kidnapping, human trafficking, rape, death, sex clubs, lots of pain, unraveling of families, and a lot more. Sounds interesting? You don't even know half of it yet. 

Title: Click (Heart Racer #5)
Author: Marian Tee
Publication Date: August 20, 2014
Published by: Jaded Speck Publishing
Source: Bought

Helios Andreadis, the gorgeous, rich, and powerful President of the Afxisi, will do everything it takes to rescue the girl he loves. She has gone through so much pain, most of it caused by his own cruelty. The thought of her having to suffer again, and this time in the hands of a sadistic trafficker with a ruthless and gruesome fascination for violating human flesh--- 
He would never let that happen. He would do everything to get her back, even if it means doing the one thing she may never forgive him for. 

MJ Cartwright has always done her best to lead a sunny, optimistic life – even when all the chips are down and she’s literally black and blue from all the injuries she’s gotten from her “father”. But now, it feels impossible to even consider the mere existence of hope, with nowhere to run, no one to help her, and nothing to make her reality less true. 

If all she can look forward to is being a sex slave to a monster, maybe…it’s time to give up. She would never be able to go back to Helios after this anyway. 

MJ Cartwright is not who people thinks she is. Apparently, she's the daughter of a really rich Greek billionaire and she has two other siblings, one of them is her best friend. But just when these things started to unravel, it becomes too late. She tries to hold on to hope, but with everything happening, she might just let go of the pain...and her life. 
Helios Andreadis is going to do everything he can to get MJ back. Even if it means builiding a reputation in the BDSM world, fucking and leaving people bleeding on his way to the top. He's throwing his fortune a way for a smidgen of information about MJ's whereabouts. He doesn't want to lose hope, but when his vision of MJ starts to fade, the fear of being too late to save her might just kills him.

OH GOSH THE DRAMA!! Gaaah!! I warned you about spoilers, because there is no way at all to review this book without giving anything away. What don't I love about Click? Absolutely nothing. MJ and Helios tries their darnest to find each other again. MJ does everything to prolong her life, hoping that eventually she would be found. She endures the intense pain that she is given..repeatedly, all the while detaching herself from the things going on around her. Helios fuck women and give them pain to earn a reputation that will get him noticed by the woman who will serve as his ticket to find MJ. He ignores the disgust and self-loathing that he feels in order to save MJ, while trying to keep his sanity in the process. 
I freaking loved how Afxisi got together to torture and kill -- YES, KILL -- the monster that is responsible for all of MJ's hardship. The way they got rid of him is perfect, and I would not have it any other way. 
When Helios finally found MJ, she was too broken and disgusted with herself that she can't even consider being with him again. I liked how they didn't immediately jump back to how things were, because seriously, how can you possibly be normal again after going through all that. That actually goes to both of them. On that note...

...I think I would've found it a bit more realistic or interesting if they went their separate ways for a bit to try and recover. Even a few months would've been great. But then again I undestand why Marian wanted them to be together that soon. They've endured too much already, haven't they?

I loved, loved LOVED Helios' story. This has actually been converted to be one book instead of three different installments. Those who hate cliffhangers, ya'll should check this out. There is no doubt about the score I would give this. 7 out of 5 stars. *grins* Think that's enough? Read this everybody; it's dark, dangerous, and deadly. Oh, it's very heartbreaking too.


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