MTM Day 19: REVIEW of Burn by Marian Tee

Note: There may be some spoilers ahead.

MJ and Helios' story continues in Burn, after leaving them in such a painful -- physically and emotionally -- situation in Swish. A recap of the last few pages in the book: Helios becomes insanely jealous of MJ and Yuri causing him to hurt her by flaunting a beautiful woman, who's a wonderful motorcycle rider and very much into him, in front of her face. But MJ being MJ, she wanted to prove to Helios just how much she loves him. She challenges Hottie McGee (not her real name) in an exhibition, all the while trying to overcome her fear of the two-wheeled beast. She fails, almost killing herself in the process, then Yuri clarifies to Helios that there is nothing going on between them, he feels bad then tries to reconcile with MJ. When she awoke, she declared that she lost and she's giving him up.

Ooohh, likey! *rubs hands together*

Title: Burn (Heart Racer #4)
Author: Marian Tee
Publication Date: August 11, 2014
Published by: Jaded Speck Publishing
Source: Bought

Helios Andreadis is a changed man. Now understanding how much one eighteen-year-old girl means to him, the gorgeous, powerful head of the billion-dollar underground racing club Afxisi is willing to do everything it takes to win the girl he loves back.

MJ Cartwright is no longer the blindly optimistic girl she used to be. She used to believe she could have a future with a sun god, but now she knows famous underground bikers who look like Greek gods are way out of her league. All she wants now is a normal kind of love – but what would she do if someone like Helios Andreadis takes extraordinary lengths to prove he can be the normal guy he wants?

What does she do when Helios Andreadis even goes as far as leaving the club and his Presidency to be with her day and night and prove to her how much he love her? Will she allow herself to love him again, even knowing it means risking a second heartbreak, one she might not be able to survive?

The Synopsis actually covered everything about the characters so I'll stick with that for now. 

I wanted to see how Helios is going to make it up to MJ after what happened at the end of Swish. Seriously though, how do you get back from that? You can't just say, "I'm sorry" and expect that all will be well in the world again. The things Helios did for MJ was big...for them. I guess it's a huge deal in general, but with their situation, this could be the right amount of sacrifice. The passion between them is smokin', and the chemistry still sparking very potent energy. That ending? That ending was just awe -- wait for it -- some! Seriously. Is that not a wonderful cliffhanger?

Is it really possible to not be able to look at someone because they're too bright? I just found that part a bit exaggerated. 

I think, among the three books of their story, this is my least favorite. That doesn't mean that I didn't like it, because I still did -- do! But the other two are just more...MORE. I give Burn 4 stars, with a word of caution about the Click, third and last installment of MJ and Helios' romance. It's going to be painful, painful, and painful. Have your tissue boxes within reach because you will need it.

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