MTM Day 18: REVIEW of Swish by Marian Tee

A new couple that would take us on an exciting, frustrating, and heartbreaking journey. *sigh* I have to say, out of all Marian's heroines I think MJ have been dealt the hardest hand, but she's also strong and optimistic despite all her hardship in life. You go girl! Before I start my review, I feel the need to tell you guys that we are about to embark on a journey that is unlike any other. The entire story of MJ and Helios' love (Swish, Burn, and Click) is full of pain, sacrifice, and torture.

Title: Swish (Heart Racer #3)
Author: Marian Tee
Publication Date: April 25, 2014
Published by: Jaded Speck Publishing
Source: Bought

Helios Andreadis is the aloof and powerful president of Áf_xi_si, an ordinary college org during the day and an underground bike racing club at night. Áf_xi_si_ means 'rise' in Greek, symbolizing the cornerstone in which all the club's rules were founded on. Every member of the club has his own story to tell, his own tragedy to overcome, and a self-made cage to break free from.
The younger son of a famous Greek politician from an adulterous affair, Helios had migrated to the United States in hopes of putting to rest his older brother's jealousy. Past betrayals had taught him to be hard and unfeeling, but his heartless ways would soon be put to the test when a shy, stubborn girl literally skidded into his life like some backup dancer auditioning for the King of Pop.

Her name was MJ Cartwright. She wanted to apply as the club's official photographer, but any job would really do since as it turned out, all she wanted was to be close to one of Áf_xi_si's daredevil drivers. That man was her secret crush and the more time Helios spent with MJ, the more he wanted to kill that man, whoever he may be.
Helios was determined not to let MJ's secret crush take her away, but neither was he ready to put a name to his feelings. To do so would make him vulnerable, and that he would never allow to happen, not even if it meant having to hurt MJ instead.
MJ  Cartwright is a strong, passionate, and optimistic woman. Her childhood was one full of sadness, fear, and pain. But because of a chance encounter, her eagerness to live and be free was brought to life. Her one goal now is to watch over the man who gave her reason to fight. 
Helios Andreadis left his life in Greek a long time ago. Afxisi is his family now and he wouldn't have it any other way. That is until this curious woman who couldn't look at him long enough ended up kneeling before him. He was never the same since then.

I pretty much loved everything about this book. The chemistry between MJ and Helios was simply electric, and their intense scenes will leave you panting...or squealing like a pig like I did. It's really one or the other. 
In true Marian Tee fashion, one or both (in this case, both) main characters would have some sort of dark past that they're running from and trying to forget. MJ's former life was just...I don't even know how she survived that. It was all too much, too painful, and I cried for her. I grieved for the suffering she had to endure from such a young age, but I also celebrated the woman that she has become. 
The motorcycle club is given more attention here in Swish, and it's nice to be part of such an enigmatic and lively organization. They live by their own rules and they protect each other like they're one.
The pain. As usual, I loved the heartache, heartbreak, and bone-break (yep) in the book. What can I say? Ms. Tee likes making readers cry, and I'm helpless against it. The things MJ had to keep in...urrghhh!! Thank goodness she had Yuri!
Yuri...*sighs dreamily* Is it weird that I loved Yuri more than I did Helios? I guess I'm just a sucker for men with the good guy image but has an animal inside that they just don't show in public. I really can't wait for his own story! Marian, do we have a date for this yet? *pleading eyes*

I think it would've been great if Yuri also felt something (even just an itsy-bitsy bit) for MJ. I just feel like it will be good for morale or something...oh! And there will be more tension. Is that weird?

5 stars for Swish, and to be completely honest, I give the entire MJ-Helios love story 5 stars. It's heartbreaking, sexy, exciting, nerve-racking, and it will only grow in intensity as the story progresses.


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