Sorry -- My Letter to You #AtoZChallenge

Sorry I wasn't there for you at times you needed me most.
Sorry I felt mad rather than understand.
Sorry if I judged you too quickly without thinking first.
Sorry I took your pain lightly and brushed it off like it was nothing.
Sorry I didn't tell you how sorry I was for all the hurt I caused you.
Sorry if I forgot to call you back when you said you missed me.
Sorry I never showed you how important you are.
Sorry I never told you "I Love You" for the last time.
Wherever you are, we know you're happy.
You're in a better place now.
A place with no pain. No suffering. No darkness.
We know you'll watch over us. Keep us from harm.
We love you. We pray that wherever you are, you know this in your heart.
There were only 8 of us in the family, and you leaving us made it smaller. But we will be strong no matter what. For you.
in loving memory of John Thomas Prado (04/22/2015)
My friend, confidante, partner-in-crime, makeup artist, and UNCLE. 
We love you ATAM.

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