Normal? No! #AtoZChallenge

I'm a person with loads of weird habits. Like when I hear a word that I haven't heard in a while, I write it on air in a big-letter-small-letter pattern, like this "MaRaScHiNo". In my defense though, I do it subtly so that nobody sees. 

I don't know why I do this, but I have a lot more "unique" habits. Some of which comes out when I'm reading. Here are a couple of them:

Whenever I get to a part where I know one of the main characters (the woman most of the time) is about to do or say something utterly stupid, I close one eye and squint my remaining eye so the words would be a bit blurred. I can still read it though, and I still saw what he (but most of the time, SHE) did. I know some of you might thing, "Well then what you did was useless." But for some reason it works for me. It softens the blow a lot.

When I get to a really sweet part, I cross my legs HARD. I twist them to the point of pain. Why do I this, you ask? Simple. You know how most people get butterflies in their mid-section when they're experiencing something romantic? Well, apparently the butterflies assigned to me didn't get the memo. They go to my legs and feet. It's ridiculous!! It's either I cross my legs really hard or I stomp both my feet on the floor with full force. But then that might cause more the floor.

Am I weird-ing you guys out yet? Well, I never claimed to be normal anyway. 

Thanks for reading my short and weird story, and I hope you guys can share your habits as well. You know...make me feel better. 

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