Like, Lust, Love #AtoZChallenge

Stories of friends who became lovers is already kind of cliche, isn't it? But, we have to admit that no matter how many books of this subject comes out, it will never get old.
I believe that we all have someone special in our lives that at one point made us ask ourselves, "What if?"

This could be the reason why novels with this story appeal to people so much. We get to put ourselves in their shoes. A place where we could imagine our what-if moment turn into reality.  

So in honor of these nostalgic thoughts, I'll be listing down some of the best friends to boyfriend-girlfriend novels out there.
>>> The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window by Kirsty Moseley
They're not really friends, but ever since they were children Liam vowed to protect and love Amber. She was his angel.

>>> Lucky Break by Kelly Vitollo

Sydney and Kade used to be best friends, but Kade has loved her for a long time. That is until she left him after they shared a special moment.

>>> A Girl by Any Other Name by M. K. Schiller

Sylvie didn't belong, and she liked it that way. Until a ten-year old Caleb became her friend. Then she dies leaving Caleb confused but determined. Because for him, she's still out there.

>>> It Started with A Kiss by Lindy Dale

Nate and Georgie relive their amazing relationship over a cup of coffee. They talk about the past they shared as well as the possibility of a future. 

>>> Leo and Leo's Chance by Mia Sheridan 

Evie and Leo made a promise that they will have a life together once they get out of the system. But then Leo got adopted and Evie didn't hear from him ever again.

Pretty interesting reads if I may say so myself. Let me know what you think about this list and if you have any recommendations. *smiles*


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