Fast and Furious #AtoZChallenge

This does not have anything to do with the movie, though that might have been an awesome idea. (Still crying from Paul Walker's demise.)

No, this post is about punch-throwing, tattoo-wearing, libido-inducing men. This has 2 parts: first is a list of hot motorcycle-driving men, second part is a list of guys who fights...professionally that is. *wink*

Part One:

Part Two:

It's true that guys like these are dangerous. But they offer something most women don't get on a regular basis -- thrill. Spending time with them would definitely NOT be boring, they can (and will) protect you from other people, and they're just so rugged and hot. *sigh*

But then again, it might not be the case in reality, so let's just indulge ourselves in book hotties. *smiles*


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