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Hey there, you beautiful person! I'm Ara The Booksnake (not my real middle and last name). I started this blog on 2015 and have been trying to make it better ever since. I'm a 20-something mom who loves drinking coffee, playing Sudoku, piecing together jigsaw puzzles, and watching Korean variety shows.

I love books *fake gasps* and I read quite a lot of them – mostly romance and other sub-genres. I can't tell you who my favourite authors are or what my favourite book is because that's simply too tough - I have a ton!

Books for me aren't just for entertainment; they take me on a different world altogether. I get mentally and emotionally invested in books I read - I laugh out loud, cry until my eyes are puffy, get excited that I get butterflies in my stomach, and everything else.

My goal is to influence more people and encourage them to read. I want to share my passion for literature and let others experience the joy and excitement I feel when immersed in a good story.

So that's it. I hope you take the time to browse around and read my book reviews!

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