Review of To Mend a Broken Heart by Myunique C. Green

The only ever memoir I've read before was Ellen Degeneres' Seriously...I'm Kidding. If I'm being honest with myself, learning about other people's lives, people who are virtually strangers to me, is simply too intimate, and I'm not sure I'm ready for that kind of revelation.

However, for reasons unknown, I was simply drawn to say yes to To Mend A Broken Heart. I don't know why, nor did I knew exactly what was coming, but when I flipped to the last page, I was glad I did.

Title: To Mend a Broken Heart
Author: Myunique C. Green
Publication Date: January 24th, 2018
Source: ARC Given by Author


“I just want to write the words as I feel them bleeding from this old heart of mine…”

Bad memories are never really forgotten. Just suppressed under the mountain of lies we’ve told ourselves, so that the painful ones are easier to bear. I remember a lot, and my life has been emotionless for a long time. I recall watching as my mother was beaten bloody in front of me, and then, as if I were old news, I was cast away.

Until now, I’ve been patching the holes in my heart with band-aids; but I’m ready to feel again. So that true healing can finally begin.




Honestly, I don't know how to write a review about To Mend A Broken Heart without revealing much about myself and past struggles as well. I did not expect to relate to Myunique C. Green's work at all, but there are one too many instances where I found myself saying, "I know exactly what you mean." 

Reliving the memories shared by the author was not an easy feat for her, and she mentioned so multiple times in the book as well. But it was a necessary process to help her deal with the things that have happened in the past. 

To Mend A Broken Heart isn't for the faint of heart. I don't think the author wrote this to gather sympathy from other people. That is probably the last thing on her mind. What she wanted to do, in my opinion, is to let others know that it's okay. You're not alone in this world. There are other people out there who went through and/or are going through crappy things and/or situations. It's up to us to be survivors instead of victims. 

I don't want to give much away about the stories Myunique shares in her book, as I feel like that is something you, the reader, have to experience for yourself in all its nitty-gritty glory. I will, however, tell you that the memories she shares are sensitive. It talks about sexual abuse, physical abuse, depression, crime, and other delicate subject matter. It's real and it's raw. If you've experienced any of the aforementioned stuff, you'd either want to read it or steer clear of it. I recommend the former because you'll know the story of one woman who struggled through life and all its shit and came out on top. 

The writing style was as you would expect from a book like this. It was honest, somewhat graphic, candid, and just raw. It feels like the author is right in front of you telling you her memories as she remembers them. There's no particular order in which she narrates events in her life, and that's what makes it good, in my opinion. She wrote it one chapter at a time, going back and forth through different stages in her life. I love the diversity. Makes the entire read more interesting.

To Mend A Broken Heart is heartbreaking as it is inspiring. The things that happened to Myunique are real, I myself can attest to how life can fu** you in the ass, chew you up, and spit you out. I love how she kept real to the events that happened no matter how horrifying they are. 


This book was not something I expected. I did not, for the life of me, anticipate that I was going to be taken to the deepest, darkest recesses of the author's past. For that, I want to thank Myunique for fearlessly opening up about the secrets she has kept locked up for the longest time. You are a brave woman who has gone through so much and yet fought your way to be better and brighter. But more than that, thank you for fighting every day. It's a good reminder for the rest of us to never give up and never let your inner demons take the best of you.



I am a current student and teacher. My every breath is literature and fiction. I hold two degrees but I’ll let you guess which ones. In 2012 I independently published my first novel, Bloodlines: Everything That Glitters after a lot of agents turned me down.

They said I didn’t have what it took.

Two years later, I became a kindle bestselling author, with titles sold around the world. 713, a mystery crime tale, dominated the United States Bestselling Kindle Short-stories and remained a #1 seller for two consecutive weeks. In fact, the complete trilogy of Chopped and Skrewed was nominated as one of the Best Books of 2016.

I’ve accepted a few awards in my time, one of which was from the Midtown Journal for a fiction, short-story entry into their semi-annual writing contest.

In my downtime, I consider myself something of an oddball and undoubtedly the black sheep of my family. My quest began by simply wanting to create something different.



Book image provided by the author.

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