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I've never been a fan of Memoirs or any of its sub-genres. I don't really know why, nor have I really tried  to look deeper into the reason behind it. But I have tried reading a couple though, one of them is a memoir of Ellen DeGeneres, but even that I couldn't finish! And that's already a book containing the life of one of my favorite people in the entire world! So what convinced me in taking a chance with Icarus Falling? I'd have to say that it's the title that reeled me in; Icarus Falling: The True Story of a Nightclub Bouncer Who Wanted to be A Fucking Movie Star but Ended Up Being Himself. A book that is bold enough to include the F-word in its title is definitely worth reading ... at least in my opinion.

Title: Icarus Falling
Author: Chris Meyer
Genre: Memoir
Release Date: December 22, 2014
Published by: Amazon Digital Services/CreateSpace
Source: Copy Given by Author and Tour Organizer

The true story of a failed actor, who - still tantalized by the promise of LA - reinvents himself as a nightclub bouncer. Working both downtown and on the Sunset Strip, he is thrust into the bloodstream of LA. Amidst the unending parade of strung-out transients, shimmering miniskirts, enraged gangbangers and unhinged party people, he avenges his history of cowardice, atones for his past infidelities and tries to become something better than another Hollywood casualty.

First things first, Chris Meyer is a helluva funny guy. He has the kind of dark and bold humor that absolutely works for me. I couldn't keep track of the number of times that I found myself repeating a line over and over again because it was ridiculously funny. Though I have to say, I don't think I'll be reading books like these in public ever again. Why? People thought I was crazy when I started laughing while I was riding public transportation! That's pretty traumatizing.

Anyway, Icarus Falling isn't just a humor-wrapped nonsense. It's a story of a man who wanted to reach his dream so bad that he didn't want to leave L.A. in hopes that an opportunity arises. Chris Meyer experienced things that are not for the faint of heart. As a bouncer, you don't know what's going to happen everytime you go into work. Chris broke up countless fights, and have been put in danger just as frequently. By night he goes to work, by morning he studies Jiu Jitsu. He's responsible, and despite everything, remained very professional. His co-workers respected and looked up to him. We also get to explor the romance in his life, and we are once again reminded that heartbreak happens even to the best of us.

Icarus Falling is such an enjoyable read. I loved every side of it, especially the humor and action. I give it 5 stars, and I'd love to see/read more of Christopher Meyer's work.

I write noir and nonfiction. I am a former bouncer, firefighter, soldier, actor and prison chaplain. I started my writing career as a screenwriter, writing five screenplays, three of which were either optioned or commissioned. Icarus Falling is my first book, a memoir of my years as a nightclub bouncer. I've also edited my late father's short works for the collection I Was A Champion Then. When not writing, I enjoy Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, improv comedy and directing political rants towards my reflection in the bathroom mirror.

Twitter: C.P. Meyer@smokingpistols


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