Liebster Award Nomination...Part 2!

Hey Booksnakes! For those of you who don't know -- meaning all of you --I actually celebrated my 22nd birthday yesterday, June 13! *clap clap* 
So today, I'm going to be answering questions by my fellow bloggers who nominated me for the Liebster Award. I already did the complete process of nominating and stuff, so now I'll just share some stuff about me through these very good queries. 

These are questions from Amanda Lowery of Feed Your Head:

1. What is the first book you remember reading that left you in awe?

Harry Potter series, no doubt. You simply cannot be more in awe than when you immerse yourself from book one to the last.

2. When a friend asks you for a good book to borrow, how do you judge what to recommend, or do you have a 'go-to' recommendation?

I do have a "go-to" recommendation, but I still make it a point to know what they're actually interested in.

3. Have you ever developed an attachment (be it a crush or fascination) with a particular character from a story? If so, who?

I have. I think I tend to get attached a little too quickly, because I like imagining myself in a character's shoe. At the top of my head, I can say that I have a huge girl crush on Elise Cavanagh of the Descent series by S.M. Reine, Melody Callahan from Ruthless People trilogy by J.J. McAvoy, and Cat Maverick from Hooked by Christine Manzari. For the male characters, there are simply too many to mention. *wink*

4. What made you start blogging about books?

I started reading books (aside from school-related ones) when I was 14 years old. When I began my Harry Potter-binge, I realized that I'm a really fast reader. Like REALLY fast. Like 700-pages-in-3-hours fast. This kind of speed continues until now. But last year, I discovered a major problem with my Speedy Gonzales-like reading...I forget 60-70% of what I've read in about a week's time, unless that book really stamped itself in my brain and heart. I was truly bothered by this because it feels like such a waste. So I decided that I needed an outlet -- a diary perhaps -- wherein I can log the books I've read, what it's about, what the characters were like, and whether I liked them or not. Hence, The Booksnake Etc. was born.

 5. Do you think that there should be a book bloggers symposium of some kind, where bloggers can meet up with their network and with writers?

 Would that not be the coolest thing ever? *jumps up and down*

 6. Do you plan to write a book of your own? If so, would you self-publish or go the traditional route?

 I would love to. I already have story ideas and such, but I don't exactly know how to go about doing it. I'ma copywriter/copyeditor so I really do write. But there's a huge difference with giving information to the masses and telling a story. I'm good with the former (not to brag or anything) but I'm not sure how I'll tackle the latter.

 7. If you could spend the day with one writer, throughout all history, who would it be?

 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He'll be cool to hangout with, I think.

 8. What book have you read the most?

 I don't really make a habit of going back to books that I've already read, no matter how much I've loved them. I don't know why. It's the complete opposite with movies, because I have a record of watching a movie 16 times. I won't say what that is though.
9. What author have you read the most?

 I would have to say Marian Tee. She has less than 40 books out now i think, and I've read about 97% of them. S.M. Reine is second, with her Descent and Ascension series, that would be 14 books I've read from her.
10. What is it about books that makes them so special? In your opinion, of course.

 You can be whoever you want, be anywhere at any time. There are no rules and no boundaries. Your limitation is your imagination.

And these are questions from Danielle Smith of  Reading, Writing, and What Not:

 1. What world from a book would you want to live in?

 Harry Potter, without a doubt.
2. What draws you to your favorite genre of books? (If you have several you love, pick one)

 Romance is my favorite, and all its sub-genres. I love happy endings and the idea that not every relationship fails, you know? You hear about too many negative things about love in real life that you just need to get lost in the happiness that can be offered by books.
3. Do you have a preference, real book or e-reader?

 I like both. Paperbacks because it feels different when you're holding a book, flicking its pages while breathing in that paper-y smell, and e-books because there are too many good stories out there that only gets published online. It's such a waste if I miss out on wonderful talents.
4. How do you feel about books that are made into movies?

 I have mixed emotions about it. First, of course I'd love to see if the movie would turn out like how I pictured it would be. Second, it's because of my expectations that I am often disappointed with the result. That's why I don't watch a movie if I've already read the book, and I don't read the book if I've already seen the movie. There are a couple of exceptions of course; Harry Potter and Twilight.  
5. If you could be any main character from a book, who would you be?

 There are too many!! Oh my goodness. I can't possibly name them all. I'll update this and add a list, I promise.
6. Do you have a favorite series that you would love to see made into a movie/tv show?

 Yes. I have a lot of books I'd love to see on screen, but since we're only talking about series;
Descent and Ascension series (Yes, I am obsessed with this right now.)
Ruthless People trilogy (Also obsessed with this.) and I'd love for Jamie Dornan to play the male lead since he's Irish.
Beautiful Bastard series by Christina Lauren
Tangled series by Emma Chase
Buckhorn Brothers by Lori Foster
Bird of Prey Saga by Danielle-Claude Ngontang Mba
The Publicist series by Christina George

 These are all I can think of right now.
7. How do you go about picking what books you want to review on your blog?

 Lately, I've been reviewing books that are part of blog tours more often. I squeeze in a few reviews depending on what my latest finished book is.
8. How do you feel about reading self-published books?

For me, it doesn't make any difference if a book is self-published or housed by some company, just like I don't care about clothing brands.
 9. If you had to pick one book as your favorite of all time, what would it be?

 I seriously can't do it. *sobs* I can't choose. I'm sorry.  

 10. Where do you do most of your reading? (bed, couch, at a desk, etc.)
I can read just about anywhere. Seriously. But my favorite would have to be...reading on the bed. So vanilla of me. The reason behind this is also pretty simple -- I can roll around if need be.

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