Tres. Trois. Three. #AtoZChallenge

Women like to feel cherished. Taken care of. Wanted. And sometimes (this is not for everybody) we fantasize about having two men worship and spoil us. This is a lot like how men think of threesomes, but the difference is: with women, it's not just on a physical level. 

I'm not saying this is ideal in real life, because it is very much looked down upon by society. Personally though, I know of someone living this lifestyle. And to be honest, sometimes I envy her. But then again, I think that would be a wee bit more complicated than what I'm ready for in real life. That's why I'm just going to continue living vicariously through these women and their respective (2) others.
>>> Jessa Wade with Cole and Burke Lennox in Their Virgin's Secret (Master of Ménages #2) by Shayla Black
>>> Riley Ramirez with Kincade Marshall and Trevor Wellington in A Table for Three (New York #1) by Lainey Reese

>>> Kaycee Alcott with Sam and Tyler Warren in Their One and Only by Trista Ann Michaels

>>> Dana Arthur with Simon Dirk and Ethan Cowell in Restraining the Receptionist (The Receptionist #2)  by Juniper Bell

>>> Reagan Elliot with Trey Mills and Ethan Connor in Double Time (Sinners on Tour #5) by Olivia Cunning

>>> Laura Niles with Rafe Kincaid and Cameron Briggs in Lost in Bliss (Night in Bliss, Colorado #4) by Sophie Oak

This list will surely keep the heat level high in the room. These are for readers who are into ménages and erotica. I just realized while I was writing this, I could've easily gone with a list of books with love triangles. Huh. Eh, where's the fun in that. 
I hope you guys enjoy these books, because I will also get started on reading 'em. Or I can also save them for the drought, if ya'll catch my drift.


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