Apr 1, 2016

Summer Sale 2016 in Bench Tower BGC

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To all my shopaholic readers who are in the Philippines, I bring you amazing news! There is a sale--A HUGE SALE--happening right now in Bonifacio Global City (BGC to our acronym-loving friends), and it is AWESOME!

Let me share with you guys a quick story of how I came across this sale: earlier today, a co-worker of mine came strolling back in the office with a huge plastic bag in tow filled with a couple shoe boxes and a bunch of clothes. She then announced that she bought all that for less than P2000 (less than USD 50)! It perked my ears up especially when she started dropping brand names like Aldo, Cotton On, Charles and Keith, and then I knew I had to drop by. And by drop by I meant convince my fiancee to join me in buying a couple of things.

Bench Tower is just a block away from the office building where I work which is Fort Legend Towers, so I had NO excuse to not go there. When we got in, OH. MY. SHOPPING. GOODNESS. Total awesomeness everywhere! Unfortunately, my fiancee wasn't feeling all that well so we can't stay for long, but I was able to pick a couple of things up. For only P700, I got items from Bench, Kasheica, and Cotton On which on a regular day would cost around P2000 in total.

A tube maxi skirt for only P200 (says P300 there but it's only P200) originally priced at P799.

A beautiful flair skirt from Kasheica for only P200, originally valued at P598.

And my last purchase was a pair of comfy blue slip-on sneakers from Bench for only P299.

THINGS YOU MUST KNOW if interested in going to this sale:

1. The sale is taking place AT THE BASEMENT of Bench Tower.

2. They put purchased items in big white plastic bags, so if you wish to look more posh, bring a big paper bag or eco bag.

3. They accept cash, credit and debit cards, and direct ATM card debits.

4. Promo period runs from March 30 to May 16. It's already on the poster, I just wanted to put emphasis to it.

5. Go there during slow hours, when people are all at work. Avoid the lunch crowd and the just-got-out-of-the-office-crowd.

6. Be early to make sure they still have stock of your size.

7. Bring lots of patience, because you WILL be waiting in line to use the fitting room. People usually go in carrying 4-7 items so it takes some time before you get your turn.

8. Make sure you check the price of an item. Some items don't have price tags and/or are in the wrong rack, so you have to double check on your item's real price.

9. Shop wisely and spend accordingly.

That's it. Have fun! If you have any questions, please drop me a message in the comments section.



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