Mar 2, 2016

That Time I Lost My Drive -- And How I Overcame It

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For those who have been following The Booksnake Etc. since last year, you may or may not have noticed that I took a pretty long break from blogging -- a 5-month long break from everything blog related. But what all of you don't know is I also STOPPED reading books and have not viewed, touched, or purchased one for at least 4 months.

What caused this?

For a huge bookworm and self-proclaimed book snake, I can certainly read more books than the average person in the same amount of time -- and I enjoy that! However, when I started blogging and reading and reviewing books on a regular basis, I lost control. I took on too many books too quickly that it came to a point when I had to read 60 books in a period of 30 days. That's two books in a day, 12 hours for 1 book, given I don't do anything else.

I overestimated my abilities, took advantage of something fun, and ended up burning myself out.

But nevertheless, I learned from this experience, and I want to share the lessons I picked up to others out there who may be going through this burnout stage as well.

1. Don't Overestimate Yourself

If you share the sentiment of the Disney actress above, you are mistaken. Sure you can try to do anything and everything, but you'll either fail or be miserable in the process -- both of which you don't want to feel or go through.

Know your limitations; you can try to push your boundaries and step out of your comfort zone, but know when and where to stop. Remember that there is a huge difference between being confident and being cocky -- don't be the latter.

2. A Hobby is a Hobby, Not a Duty

Hobby --> --> ˈhäbē/
An activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure.

So it stands to reason that if your favorite pastime is making you feel stressed instead of happy, and pressured instead of relaxed, you're doing something seriously wrong. 

Reading and writing are two of my passions and I never once thought I would get tired of these two tasks -- that is until I overdid it and then realized that the things that used to entertain and bring me happiness now causes me annoyance and exhaustion. 

Now, if you're not sure where you stand on your hobby, take a step back and check how it's making you feel. Reflect a little, why don't you. 

3. Remember Why You Started Doing What You're Doing in the First Place

What made you want to get into sports? Who inspired you to started writing and sharing your thoughts and stories to the world? How did your passion begin? 

These are some of the things you have to ask yourself when you're starting to question what you're doing and wanting to give up. Just like everything else in life, there are times you stumble onto a rough patch -- you lose sight of your goal and you forget why you loved doing what you do without even knowing it. 

Remembering "the good ol' days" or going back "to your roots" will help reignite that cooling flame you have for your passion. 

4. Learn to Say "NO"

If you're anything like me, you have a hard time saying the N-word ... "NO". You always come up with an excuse to agree to something or grab onto an opportunity that you think will be good for you, or maybe you just don't like hurting other people's feelings by denying them something. Whatever your reason is, your inability to shake your head and pass on something will, at one point or another, come back to bite you in the butt. 

There are a lot of ways for you to practice saying "no"; the important thing is you try to be firm but nice when doing it.

5. Know Your Priorities

I'm a mother and [soon-to-be] wife who holds a full-time job, so taking care of my child and my husband, and excelling in my chosen field, are my top priorities. Reading, watching movies and TV shows, and blogging are just things that I can do on my spare time. If you don't learn how to properly manage your tasks, you'll end up with no time to do fun stuff. But if you don't set your priorities right, you won't have enough time for the things in your life that really matter. 

It's tough, but sometimes there are things that really have to give. 

Don't ever feel guilty for losing that flame; it happens to more people than you may think. Athletes, actors, artists, writers, are just some who lose their drive because of different factors that make the things they love doing intolerable. 

The important thing is, you learn from your past experiences and you use those lessons to make you better and more in control from this point on. 

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