Guest Blog by Danielle Smith of Reading, Writing, and What Not -- "Bookworm, Blogger, and Social Worker"

Our 6th guest blogger for our Bookworm, Blogger, and Something Else series is someone I've came into contact only recently. At first, I was quite hesitant to ask her to do a guest blog because I thought she was reserved, but I took the leap anyway, and here she is now! 
P.S. She's not all that quiet, I think. *grins*
1. What's your name, nickname, and blog's name?
Name: Danielle Smith
Nickname: “Pixie” is my login everywhere, and many use it
2. What do you do? (Working, student, serial killer. Please be as specific as possible. ^_^)
I am a social worker in Texas.  I work with foster kids and help parents do what they need to get their kids back into their care.  I am also a full time mom and wife.
3. What got you into blogging and how long have you been doing it?
I have always wanted to blog and tried many different ways to get into the blogging world but I couldn't find the right motivation.  I have had many blogs over the years.  I think if I could have stuck with it, I would have had a blog for 8 years now.  Sadly I lost my mojo for a while.  I got back into blogging this year when I started book reviews.  This really seems to be what I was waiting on.
4. How do you balance your personal/professional life, reading, and  blogging?
During the week I don't usually blog.  I read on my Kindle once my son has gone to bed and my husband is playing a game on his computer.  I also read when I am relaxing in a hot tub of water when I need it during the week.  My son and husband always come first, so there will be weekends where I will not blog a review.  My husband supports me, so the weekends when my son is at his father's house are the weekends we have set aside as “Danielle's blog and work days”. I should also point out that I also take time to play video games, it's a great stress relief.
5. Is there anything you'd like to add or say?
I feel like I got very lucky with how supportive and friendly the book blogging community is.  I am glad to have met everyone I have so far!


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