Guest Blog by Claudia Victoria of PenMarkings -- "Bookworm, Blogger, and High School Student"

"Bookworm, Blogger, Crazy Human" is the proposed title of Ms. Victoria. She's such a fun person. *laughs hysterically*
She's our 5th guest blogger for our series, and I'm sure you will all enjoy this Q&A with her.

1. What's your name, nickname, and blog's name?

Name? Claudia Victoria, but y’all just call me Claudia. Nickname? Uhhh... Blog name? PenMarkings ^.^ (I’m also a co-blogger at Quite Literary!)
2. What do you do? (Working, student, serial killer. Please be as specific as possible. ^_^)

Currently in high school, working full-time as a book hoarder and blogger. Sometimes a doodler, rarely an athlete, but always a reader.

3. What got you into blogging and how long have you been doing it?

I got into blogging because, well, for the same reason many of you did: to have people read what I think about stuff. I don’t have much readers in my friends at school, so I didn’t really have anyone to fangirl with over books. Blogging makes up for that, since I’ve found some pretty cool people to chat with!

4. How do you balance your personal/professional life, reading, and blogging?

Well, school is always first but when I’m not working I’m always reading. I’m pretty good at multitasking, so I’ll type an essay, write out a blog post and steal quick reads at paragraphs from a book. Eventually things get done. I like getting all my blog posts planned out in advanced, so whenever I have spare time I write them out so I don’t stress about it later.

5. Is there anything you'd like to add or say?

Um...I don’t any  pearls o’ wisdom for you people out there without crossing into the cheesy side of things, but remember that life doesn’t give out handouts; you’re not going to get anything unless you get it yourself. (Also: books + blankets = cozy reader heaven)
Thanks so much Masako for having me as a guest!

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