Aug 16, 2015

Guest Blog by Cayt Landis of Vicarious Caytastrophe -- "Bookworm, Blogger, and Graphic Designer"

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Wow! We're already on our 7th guest blogger. How time flies. So we've all met some really interesting people in the last few weeks and now we'll be adding another person on that list. She has a really cool and elegant website that I'd like for ya'll to check out. She also has her own domain so extra points for her. But the thing I liked most is her blog's name. Let me introduce our guest for today...
1. What's your name, nickname, and blog's name?
My name is Cayt. My given name is spelled Kate, like a normal person, but I changed my spelling in early high school or middle school. I was obsessed with The Dragonriders of Pern books by Anne McCaffrey. Cayt is the Pernese spelling of my name!
My blog is called Vicarious Caytastrophe. I wanted something that worked with my name and the domain I already owned. Vicarious Caytastrophe just sounded neat. You can live vicariously through my chaotic reading schedule.
2. What do you do? (Working, student, serial killer. Please be as specific as possible. ^_^)
My actual job is a graphic designer for a custom closet company. I make the 3D pictures that our customers use to decide what they want in their closets. And no, my own closets aren't amazing. Haha!
3. What got you into blogging and how long have you been doing it?
I've been blogging since around February, so about half a year. I wanted to start blogging because I read a ton of books. I never reviewed them until I won some books on Goodreads though. I reviewed those books and people seemed to enjoy my reviews. So I thought it would be fun to review on a larger scale and share my opinion. I'm pretty opinionated!
4. How do you balance your personal/professional life, reading, and  blogging?
This is hard to do and lately I've been slacking a bit. I work 10 hour days so I don't have much time during the week to do anything. I try to keep up my writing as much as I can in my days off and schedule them ahead of time. I need to make more time though! Hopefully I'll have more free time come fall.
5. Is there anything you'd like to add or say?
Thanks for inviting me to be a guest blogger! My favorite thing about blogging is meeting new people and finding new blogs. :)



  1. Aww...bless her. She seems very nice Ara :)

    1. She does, doesn't she. :) Her blog is pretty cool too. You should check it out Aneesa. :)

    2. Yeah she does, thanks I will do now :)